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More Than Capable

Wow. Working from HOME, is so much more productive. Why is that? I was able to accomplish twice, maybe even three times what I am normally capable of doing when I am in the office. This is awesome.

In other news, Apple Reporter is running a contest! A CONTEST? I love contests! and of course, all things APPLE! Go check that out!  Who knows! You might win!

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  • Yo Momma

    um. excuse me!!!

    Since you are getting so much more done working from home and getting your ‘day job’ finished in 1/2 day. There is absolutely NO REASON why you cannot accomplish your get it together week:

    1. focus on that day job again and get out from under all the deadlines.
    2.properly maintaining the sitcoms site I am under contact to uphold.
    And MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL #3, chasing all of the writing ops, which have recently been presented to me, in order to get away from said day job deadlines!

  • Meleah

    Mom! I know! I did! I filled out the ppwk today and now I am waiting for my test article topic. I finally joined several forums, plus, I have been able to get MAD THINGS done.

  • Read my report on telecommuting to see if YOU have what it takes to effectively work from home, Meleah!

  • I am so much more productive on my own.
    I am so easily distracted when I am with others and find myself just wanting to play…

    I find myself distracted now, by talk of a contest…a contest!

  • I won an ipod nano from my job that really hit the spot. I really am in need of a mac book. But the prize here is pretty cool as well.

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