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Mondays are always soooooo fast.

Mondays are always soooooo fast. Most people hate Mondays, but I am not most people, I suppose that’s why I like Mondays. Monday is the one day I am full of energy, dedicated without distraction to fulfill any and all tasks. Mondays are also the only day during the week I have any energy / desire to do “chores” like food shopping, cooking, or finishing up laundry, after I come home from the 9-5 life.

Maybe I just feel so good today because chapter three and four are finished! (There maybe some lingering grammatical errors here and there, but that’s what editors are for) I am always in better spirits after having written something of value to me.

Maybe I feel so good because I know it’s a short week with a long weekend so I will have all the time I need to attend to all the things I want and/or have to do. In any case, I am happy. Content. I am allowing myself to treat myself to a little reward right after this post.

Happy MONDAY. I don’t care what anyone says, Mondays are GREAT. (for ME, and isn’t this always about me!)

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