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Mondays always kick ass… UNTIL today…

I haven’t had a BAD Monday in a long time. I must have jinxed myself by liking Monday(s). Because today was a typical terrible MONDAY. Every thing that COULD go wrong. DID. I woke up late. There was no air in the JUST FIXED ($350.00) back left tire of my car. I spilled my lunch on newly dry cleaned clothes. Long long long day in the 9-5 life. Massive traffic on the always-dreaded NJTPK. Then I had to go to the pharmacy THREE TIMES. That’s right THREE TIMES. At 6pm -1st trip was to drop off scripts, then I had to wait 2 and a half hours for them to fill them, because they were “backed up”. … uh, OK. I guess… annoyed, but not yet fully hostile. So, I run home… to squeeeeeze in some never ending chores. I folded my laundry, I stopped at mom’s house to pick up my son and swipe some left over chicken and ran home again. Then I made a slamming gansta CD (cuz that’s how I roll) for my girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow. (She’s been asking me for months to make her that CD). Checked my son’s homework and signed off it was completed. 830 pm-2nd trip, I drove back to pick up my scripts. Done with chores, errands, and bullshit, finally I would be able to sit and relax. Right? Wrong! I get home…to find…MISSING GI medication. Angry with “flames on the side of my face” at the very thought of driving back AGAIN, sitting in that drive through line AGAIN, needing to check emails and voice mail messages, needing to wash my face, and strip out of the stained clothes I was stuck in for hours. Still hadn’t fed my child and it was now…. 9pm-3rd trip back to pick up scripts AGAIN. Three trips back and fourth, up and down the highway, to the now very much-hated Walgreen’s. Three times stuck for an easy eternity of time, in the drive through line. Three times to look up my information. THREE TIMES? I didn’t even GET home until 930 pm tonight. I gave my son the chicken from Mom and Dads and I slapped some canned soup in the microwave and called it dinner. It’s now 11pm. I am in clean pajamas, with my face washed, and my teeth brushed, and luckily my child asleep in bed. I haven’t had a chance to breathe let alone IM, email, make or take a phone call. This was not one of my better Monday’s. But I am glad ITSOVERNOW….

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    Hey, love the blog. Very, uh… provocative


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