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Monday Monday

Ah yes, so my glorious stay at home 7 day stretch, filled with pajama wearing and internet surfing, came to a screeching halt this Monday morning.


My alarm clock woke me up much like a slap in the face. Nothing than says ‘Rise And Shine’ quite like a swift kick to the skull. Which is what my brain feels like after I hear the sharp, blaring, resounding alarm clock noise ring through my house.


Not pleasant. 


After making my way downstairs in a residual painkiller fog, I made my 1st cup of coffee in 7 days. I almost forgot how much I genuinely love to drink coffee and all of its warm caffeinated goodness. That was a welcomed treat for my taste buds.


I took my time getting ready for work this morning to ensure staring off my day in a relaxed unstressed manner. I never before realized that my standard “Rushing Around My Bed/Bathroom Like A Chinese Fire Drill Getting Ready For Work Routine” is such an upsetting way to begin ones day. In the future, am blaming every morning that I am forced to ‘rush-get-ready’ on this little problem.


The NJTPK was, of course, as usual, a complete nightmare. I hate that whore of a highway. Enough said.


To say returning to my office was ‘rough’, is only the biggest the understatement. Of The Year.


I have to tell ya’ll that after 6 years of typing this exact sentence “Should you have any questions, or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to call or email our offices. Thanks in advance for your immediate attention to this matter” I am ready to change it up. I feel as though that sentence has been played out already. Especially when I’d really like to end my letter/email(s) with more of a “Hey Go Fuck Yourself” tone and feel to it.  However, it’s going to take me some time to figure out HOW to say THAT in the nicest way possible.


I don’t know what is going on with the air-conditioning in our building, and I probably shouldn’t complain, there are some people without the luxury of air-conditioning, but it is beyond cold. I am sitting at my desk with a heater blasting full force in order to keep the blood flowing to all of my appendages. Otherwise, one of my fingers might snap off from hypothermia.


Anyway, my weekend was wonderfully incredibly lazy. I spent the entire day on Sunday lounging around watching movie after movie. One of the 5 movies I saw was Juno, which by the way is like the best movie ever. Because I am so very easily touched by movies I broke down and sobbed at the end. All I can say is that I am glad I rented it on demand for 24 hours, because I wouldn’t mind watching that again when I get home from work tonight.


Well that’s all I’ve got to say for now. I suppose I should head on back to those stacks of files calling my name. 5pm just can’t get here quickly enough.




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  • alarm clocks are the worst! i did away with them all together five years ago. i use my cell phone’s alarm. LOL! on wanting to change the tone of those business letters. i totally agree. and the new jersey tpke. AARRRGGH! i still dread the rare occasions when i have to drive that route. the weekend sounds fab, like my kind of weekend.

  • oh and i can’t bring myself to watch juno. i have 2 teenage daughters. i don’t think i would find it amusing at all. maybe five years from now.


  • Meleah

    Alarm clocks are the work of the DEVIL.
    Lazy Weekneds = Awesome Weekends.

    Oh and yeah, if I had a teenage daughter there is NO WAY I would have or could have watched JUNO. I was a backet case by the time the movie ended.

  • Awwwww….. I think there should be a government health warning printed on all alarm clocks! I feel sick every time I hear mine go off in the mornings.

    I’m with ya all the way hun! I am the worlds worst with emotional movies…. I can only watch them on my own as I ALWAYS end up sobbing, lol! (ps. Don’t tell anybody that I admitted to that…lol!).

    Oh! and if they don’t get the temperature right in your office, I suggest you take all the paperwork off your boss’s desk, put it in a pile on the floor and set fire to it. That should keep you warm until they sort out the bloody temperature!!!!

    Big WARM hugs to you my friend!!!!!

    tata for now – G xoo

  • My alarm clock this morning was this exact sentence, yelled at the top of my sons lungs: “I WANT ICE CREAM NOW!” I’d pay to have a snooze button put on that kid.
    Remember, no stress!!!! Take your time, It will get done, and stomach stay calm! That should be your new mantra…

  • Well, welcome back to the world of early mornin’ blow horns (a.k.a. alarm clocks) and industrial strength coffee 🙂

    I gotta tell ya, at work, the A/C couldn’t be on high enough! it’s so darn hot in there! If I worked in your office(s), I’d be the culprit of your hypothermia. Anyway, happy Monday!

  • I used to lust for one of those Zen alarm clocks that start out with one long soft tone, then the long tone gets a little louder and then a little louder. It’s a gentle way to start the day. I trained myself to wake myself up on demand when I was in high school. I read about it somewhere and decided to try it out for a few unimportant wake-up calls. It worked. I just repeat to myself several times as I’m getting ready for bed that I want to wake up at such-and-such a time and voila! It works. On really important days, like if I have to go to the airport or something, I have set an alarm for 5 minutes after my mental alarm time, just in case. I can’t think of a time that I have been awakened by it instead of my brain.

    Hey have you watched the series on Oprah.com that she did with Eckhart Tolle? There’s some intersting stress management concepts in there, like how to get back into the present – away from worrying about the future or regretting the past. I haven’t watched the whole thing, but I like what I’ve seen so far.

    Here’s what i wish for you: a fun job, that you are excited about when you wake up. I will visualize that for you!

    xoxoxo moi

  • Juno was awesome & you forgot to mention how much fun we had on saturday with Rinaldi all night at my house! Luv ya

  • Meleah

    Ive often considered lighting fire to this paper work!

    Stomach Stay Calm is a perfect mantra
    Love you

    Ricardo B:
    I suppose Id rather be COLD than Hot.
    I cant with Mondays

    Please visualize a WRITING career for me.
    Id jump out of bed for that.

    We did have fun., Thats going to be my next post.

  • I saw this at ChrisBrogan.com
    Ever feel like this on a Monday?

  • I pressed snooze approximately 6 times today (times 7 minutes each). I have to set my alarm so much earlier so that I can press the snooze that many times. It’s like it’s a way for me to get revved up to wake up. I don’t even know I’m pressing it the first few times. Then I slowly come out of my comatose state and realize I must make the best of those few more 7 minute snoozes I have left until I must get up and get ready in T-MINUS-22 minutes I have left.

    I shower at night and get everything ready for work before going to sleep down to the littlest details of jewelry, etc. If I could just go to bed before 2am on a work night that would help…but I cannot. I just cannot….

    Monday Monday
    Every other day, every other day,
    Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
    But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
    You can find me cryin’ all of the time

  • Mondays just suck. And you said the foo foo word. >gasp<

  • cmk

    NOT to brag, but you know I don’t have to live my life with an alarm clock. Empty nesting IS fun. 🙂 Anyway, I bought the youngest daughter an alarm clock for this Christmas that I don’t know if it will make it through a week with her. It is called ‘Clocky’ and it jumps off of your bedside stand and rolls around the bedroom floor until you find it and shut it off. THAT would wake a person up! Of course, you probably would be very hard to live with for the rest of the day, but… It DOES have a place where you can turn off the rolling-around feature, so I don’t think she’ll use it very often–still, it IS a fun idea. 😀

  • You’re so right… alarm clocks are like a swift kick to the skull. Oh well…. back to reality… 🙁

  • Meleah

    Ricardo B:
    Thanks for the linkage.

    Jen Jen (Rinaldi):
    Snooze gets me into a LOT of trouble. Sometimes I think I hit snooze, but I really TURN IT OFF. Thats the worst. Then I wake up in a complete panic. I tend to stay up way too late myself. How else would I be able to do all my writing and blogging! Sleep isnt that important is it?

    I know. Today called for the foo foo word.

    I am so jealous. Um yeah, I think I would injure anyone who bought me a clock that does tricks like that. hahahahaha

    I hate my alarm clock. So.Very.Much.

  • I haven’t had 7 days off to deal with pain (BTW, I hope you’re feeling better), but I feel you, honey.

    Going to werk on Monday morning SUCKS ASS big time! I think I’m just waking up and it’s 3 p.m. here on the West Coast…only two more hours to go…help!!!

    At least it’s 6 p.m. your time, so you survived! YAY!!!

  • um – what about autotext? then you wouldn’t have to type it, per se….


    i’m just tryinabe helpful…

    and the coffee. yum on a brain-dead day. today was that. still kinda is!

  • alarm clocks were meant to fly, throw yours out the window.

    you haven’t had coffee is 7 days? how are you able to sit upright?

    i hate those *&^% phrases. i hate them to death. enclosed herewith please find the following executed copy of the captioned matter….are you flipping kidding me? did someone think there would be an elephant in there instead and made up that phrase just in case there wasn’t and decided to spell out exactly what’s enclosed. it is what it is. if you can read the letter, figure out what i’m sending you.

    okay meleah, you touched a sensitive spot. i have those darn stupid sentences. i’m sorry, i’m in a ranting mood.

    peace and love.

  • Meleah

    Random Chick:
    Its so nice to have you back. Your cruise vacation posts are hysterical, and so are you. Im glad I survived too. Here’s hoping you get through those last two hours. I cant stand Mondays.

    I have auto-responses, But they are not nice ones, and certainly not ‘office appropriate’.
    Coffee is a necessary as oxygen.

    I can see how much you dislike those phrases. I read your post today.
    Now, don’t shoot me. I like them. I cant help it. One good jingle and I am hooked. Doesn’t mean I will buy the product but a catchy commercial will stay with me all day.

    No. I did not have coffee for 7 days. But I also did not have to function. Alas, it worked out to my benefit.

  • Your analogy for the NJTPK reminds me so much of my husband, because when something goes wrong, he refers to it as “whorehouse”. He would call it a “whorehouse highway” which is ever so close to “whore of a highway”. No wonder I love you enough to marry you!

  • 7 days without coffee? Hell, THAT’S why you didn’t get better!!

  • Oh, I feel your pain. Tomorrow begins my leave from work and all I can think is how hard it will be to go back!

  • Meleah

    Momo Fali:
    No Way. I thought I was the only one that referred to Highways as Whores. Thats awesome. I love you enough to Marry you back!

    Michael C:
    Yeah. Right! Maybe that is why I stayed so sick for so long!

    Aw. The LAST thing you need to be thinking about is returning to work! At least you are taking a leave of absence for one of the most selfless acts I’ve ever read about. I will be thinking of you and your family come Thursday (and praying all goes smoothly).

  • I agree about the NJTPK….WHORE! Not you, the turnpike.

    I’ve been meaning to rent Juno, so I guess it’s worth it? I have to move it to the top of my Netflix list.

  • Meleah

    Mrs Schmitty:

    JUNO is a MUST SEE. The writing and the dialogue are second to NONE.
    The acting was STELLAR. The cast? Incredible.

    I was blown away. Very clever. Very witty. Very Smart. Very moving. I cant say enough good things about this movie, other than Totally-Super-Awesome. For. Real.

  • I was forced to watch “JUNO” at gunpoint ….. then realized it was good!

    There were may shots in the film I know. St.cloud is not far from Hollydale.

    Yep, Jammie weekends are the bomb 😉 I threw my alarm in the pond.

  • I’m freaking out here over the 7 days without coffee. I would be a basket case. And Juno – I cried for days after seeing that. Totally with you. Best movie ever. So sorry you had to go back to work. I had one of those days too. Maybe in my next life I’ll be ridiculously wealthy and won’t need to work!

  • Work is for suckers. Which I will be when I start work in September . . .

  • Dang…day late.

    Anyways, hope you continue to stay healthy! Nice to see your taking the necessary steps to avoid stress.

    Now if we could just teleport you to work….

  • Meleah

    You are never too late to join the party. Now maybe if we can eilimate the need to work at all?

    Angry Man:
    I am a sucker alright.

    7 days w/o coffeee was torture. Juno Rules The Movie Industry and here’s hoping we BOTH fall assbackwards into boatloads of money THIS lifetime.

    I wish I was in my pajamas right now.

  • “Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.” That’s mine. And yes, sometimes I would love to type something else…

    I totally understand the freezing thing at work. I sit under a huge vent that bolws almost non-stop. Brrr.

    Anyhoo, glad you’re up and about.

  • Meleah

    Employee No. 3699:

    ““Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.” That’s mine.”

    I dont want it anymore!

    Freezing is an understatement.

    Its always nice to hear from a fellow cubical dweller.

  • 🙂 My alarm clock plays “Shake that Ass, Bitch”, so I don’t even realize it’s time to get up. I shoot out of bed dancin like I’m still out on Friday night….

    Or not so much. Just trying to make ya feel betters!

  • Meleah

    ha ha ha ha…That would make me laugh 1st thing in the morning!
    You always make me feel better!

  • Ahhhhh hope you have had a good break.

    Now let me go catch up with the other posts…

  • Meleah

    Are you back?
    Oh please tell me your back!!

  • I cannot STAND the sound of the alarm clock. To the point where I usually wake myself up just before it goes off.

    I’m glad you had such a relaxing weekend. AND I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about w/the AC at work. I always refer to my little section of the office as the “Arctic Zone”. I do battle daily with my co-worker over the thermostat.

    Have a terrific week, Sweetie.

  • I often have 5 day weekends with my current work schedule. It’s always tough to get back into the swing of things.

  • Meleah

    I know. Its the most horrible sound in the world. I wish I could wake myself up.
    Why do offices make it sofa king cold?
    I hope YOU have a great week too.

    Wait? You only work 2 days a week?
    I am so very jealous.
    How did you get THAT deal?

  • Ah…I am fortunate at this very moment to be working at a job with comfortable climate! I am the only one who seems content though!! I’ve worked years and years at places I had to bring a portable heater to just to keep my hands from going stiff. I used to have to take “walking breaks” outside just to feel some warmth. So…not fun.

    I also could do without waking to the alarm. I’d much rather gentle rays of sun layering themself around me until I decide to awaken.

  • Meleah

    Heather @ One Shot Beyond:
    Yes, you are lucky to have decent climate control.
    I am sporting a personal portable heater right now!

    And, yes, THAT is the RIGHT WAY to WAKE UP. When your body wants to, not when you HAVE to.

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