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Meme 4: An Award

Okay, so it’s NOT a ‘meme’ (even though this was meme-o-rama-palooza week) but it IS an Award ya’ll!!

I am both flattered and honored. Olga The Traveling Bra, with whom I will be Ringin’ In The New Year, has given me the Spreader Of Love Award.


Yes, you did read that correctly. Not only have I won an award, BUT the bigger and better news is that Olga The Traveling Bra will be staying with ME for New Years Eve.

(Yes! After THREE YEARS, I finally have a ‘date’ (other than this guy ) for New Years Eve.)

This heartfelt award was created by The Love Blog for “an outstanding demonstration of blogging love.”

Well, I certainly LOVE blogging…and I do my best to spread tons of mad crazy LOVE & support all through the blogosphere.

I would like to pass this along to ALL of these fine WOMEN who make my day every day…

* (Ill find an award for ALL you MEN out here soon)*

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  • Jodi

    awwwwwwwwww……and after I slammed insurance companies, now that’s love!
    Back atcha babe!
    Thank you!!!!!

  • You are such a sweetie. And your New Year’s celebrations with Olga are going to be fantastic. What fun!

  • Meleah


    I am NOT a FAN of the insurance industry either. I’m just here for the health benefits! xxoo


    I cant wait to have Olga! (and your welcome!)

  • Woooo-hooooo! Thanks sweetie! Get ready to really shake things up come midnight!

  • Well congrats!! Men don’t need awards, just constant praise

  • Meleah

    Now that Meme-O-Rama-Palooza week is O-V-E-R, I want to thank everyone who tagged, awarded, or linked back to me. You guys are great.

    I am still going be a willing participant when it comes to memes and awards, because…well, frankly, sometimes I don’t have anything to write about, and memes the cure. Plus, awards massage and inflate my ever-so-fragile ego. So yes, I am a fan.

    But, I will be returning to regular posting on Monday.

  • Aw! Thank you, sweetie pie! I will display it proudly and spread the love around!

  • Sniff, Sniff, Thanks Meleah!! I’m honored to be considered your friend, and woman who makes your day. You do the same for me, and I hope you know that!

  • I’m going to second (or ninth, I guess) that you are definitely a spreader of love! Thanks for all the positivity and consistent support in what can be a catty community. Speech! Speech! 🙂

  • Meleah

    Much Love Ladies… Much Love! xxoo

  • Awwww……thanks so much

  • cmk

    I am humbled and so pleased…thank you so very much. {blushes}

  • Yay! Thanks very much for sending love my way. I better run over to my blog now and get a post done rhat nowwww.

  • So great to see my Spreader of Love Award getting out there. What a great blog. Cheers for being love.

    B @ The Love Blog

  • Meleah

    xxoo xxoo


    xxoo xxoo

  • I LOVE YOU Meleach 🙂

  • Meleah

    I love you Vivian!

  • Aww, thanks. I had no idea my whining made anyone’s day, but I’m glad it does.

    *PS- I heart your blog too.

  • Meleah


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