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Mellow Yellow Monday’s

I have recently discovered the latest, hippest, coolest ‘blogger ritual’.

[And you know I would NEVER keep a secret like this from ya’ll.]

Over the past week [while diligently surfing my favorite blogs, leaving comments, supporting the team, and “All That Jazz” ] I just happened to stumble upon a little gem of an idea.

By the way? This is fast becoming quite the “Cool Kids” Trend For Mondays.

[Just sayin’]

I originally discovered this while visiting ‘One of my All Time Favorite Websites/Bloggers’ known around the Internet as Drowsey Monkey.” The ‘official title’ of this latest, hippest, coolest, ground floor idea, is called “Mellow Yellow Monday’s.” Apparently, Mellow Yellow Monday’s was started by This Blogger. Who says, and I quote…”Because life is better with a splash of yellow“.

[So. Very. True.]

So, Thanks to DROWSEY MONKEY and thanks to This Blogger I’ve decided to do my best and get in on the action. Here is my FIRST attempt. This is my Mellow Yellow Monday contribution.

As I searched around my house looking for something YELLOW, I realized my To Do List was written on a yellow pad!

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  • Great idea! I’d love to participate but I’m lucky if I get my Monday post up by the end of Monday, if at all, mosts weeks. Even now, I’m commenting here when I should be getting ready for work! Happy Mellow Yellow Monday anyway!

  • ah ha… so that’s where everybody is…. let me go check it out…. and say howdy to the man for me…….

  • Haha, good start to the Monday ritual….

    I love yellow as you might have guessed.. so it’s a fun one for me!

  • Yellow is too perky on a cold ass tired gray Monday Morning. Your my only ray of sunshine !!!!

  • umm….yeah, i’m with the girl you don’t bring home. no yellow on mondays for me. plus i’m not consistent enuf with my posts.

    happy monday, melean! hope the weekend was good to you! 😉

  • I went pee.

    Does that count?

  • LOL … nice list! All very important stuff. And thanks for all the kind words, yous a sweetie! 🙂

    Don’t for get to add your link on Mister Linky over on the MYM blog … that way everyone can visit 🙂

  • Fun idea … oh and your to do list looks like a lot more FUN than mine!

    :: pout ::

  • They say the color yellow has a mellowing effect on people. It’s my Mom’s favorite color (she likes orange as well). Who doesn’t need help mellowing out on Monday? Also, Mellow Yellow isn’t a bad song (by Donovan, I believe), and mellowing out isn’t a bad activity. For a wannabe hippie like me this is good news all around. And if it’s the cool new trend then there’s really every reason to go with it!

  • Moog beat me to it, again… LOL

    I’ve got yellow post-it notes on my desk – does that count? 🙂

  • DANG! I wish that was my to do list- want to switch. Mine is yellow too- only it has a lot accounting on it and no dinner out with anyone…

  • Meleah

    I doubt I will be a weekly participant.
    I just wanted to get involved at least once!
    Yanno. So I can be one of the cool kids

    Yeah. That’s where everyone is!

    Yellow is a great color

    The Girl:
    Aw. I love that I brighten your day!

    I hear ya.

    Yes. That totally counts.
    Now you just need to post a photo of it!

    Okay, Will do.


    Richard W:
    I love that song

    Moooog Rules.

    My To-Do List has since changed.
    I am NOT having dinner with my boyfriend.
    I don’t even know if I HAVE a boyfriend anymore.
    I’ve been OCD cleaning my room
    (Since 9am. Its now 3pm and I am still cleaning.)
    I’ve re-organized my closets
    I am tacklng Massive Amounts of Laundry
    And trying my best to make blog rounds

  • I’ve been doing this meme since the beginning. I love it :O)

  • Sounds neat! May make monday blogging easier too! LOL

    Mellow Yellow mondays
    Friday funnies….

  • “Abuse Facebook” – LOL

  • You make a real to-do list ? Yuck !

    I love this Meme ! I am always looking out for yellow that would make an interesting subject !

  • By the way, it’s a very nice picture for #1


  • Lee

    I think I need to create a to-do list to create a to-do list. Just not a habit that I’ve ever been able to develop successfully. Regardless, I like the yellow legal pad look for Mellow Yellow Monday. :0)

  • Dinner w/your man? How will your Mac feel about that?

  • Meleah

    This is a very cool meme.

    Cool. So you will be doing this next week?

    You know how I do.

    I always make a To Do List.
    It’s part of my OCD.

    To do Lists are the best!

    I will NOT be having dinner with him.
    In fact, I think IT might be OVER.

  • What a cool idea. I may try it sometime. I love your To Do list!

  • The Mac gave you an ultimatum? 🙂 Hope I didn’t bring up a sore spot . . .

  • I just looked around and to my dismay the only thing yellow that I have near me seems to be a crumpled post it note that I must have brought from the office. Pathetic!

  • Roshan ! Aniyan ! What are you holding in your hand !

  • Meleah

    Totally do it next Monday!

    Angry Man:
    My Mac will always love me!
    Its HIM that is being a douche bag.

    I crumple a lot of my posts


  • LOVE the song – that was what we sang to him when he was a baby of all things. No rock a bye baby for him!

    Sounds like a fun blog along!

    And I giggled at the “Abuse Facebook” part of your list 🙂

  • The “him” is my son. My memories were flowing quicker than my fingers LOL.

  • Sounds like it was a busy busy day. 🙂

  • Meleah

    I love that song too.
    You should get in on this next week


    And NOTHING on THAT LIST got done.
    (Other than this post.)

  • Very good! DrowseyMonkey is the coolest!

    moooooog35 is the craziest! LOL!

    I don’t’ have a camera so don’t think I can participate.

  • I posted a yellow bug!

  • Meleah

    All of my blogger friends ROCK. Including You.

    That’s cuz you are awesome.

  • your hand writing is neat. i’m jealous. just so you know.

  • Hehe, I like your penmenship!

  • Meleah

    I hate my handwriting.


    That’s two people now who like my handwriting.

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