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MeleVision – Pimping MY OWN Blog

As some of you already know I have another blog.


TV ~ done up Meleah Style.

Thus the name: Melevision

Anyway. I have always loved TV.

When I was a child, I used to memorize my favorite commercials. I would re-enact those commercials as plays or skits with my brother Adam for entertainment purposes when my parents had company.

Back in my twenties my friends used to call me on the phone to ask what was on TV that night worth watching. I could rattle off series, times, and channels without batting an eyelash.

I can quote – line for line – practically any long standing television show that has ever graced the screen. It’s a sickness. I know.

And now, my love for TV has evolved into my ‘professional blog’  Melevision.

This month, there are a plethora of new TV shows (including but not limited to: Lie To Me and Trust Me)  which I will be watching and reviewing on that blog. I will also be announcing Season Premiers and provide Re-caps, on some of my personal favorites such as:

Scrubs, Leverage, The Closer, House, Fringe, 30 Rock, Life On Mars, Lost, American Idol, Chuck, Law & Order, SNL, CSI, Samantha Who, Comedy Central Stand Up and Shows, VH1 Reality Series, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, The Office, Two and A Half Men, The Soup, Chelsea Lately, just to name a few. Not to mention all the of the fabulous original series airing HBO and Showtime.

If there are any other Television Lovers out here, I would like to invite ya’ll over to join me over on Melevision. I would be very interested in hearing what any of you guys are watching, or not watching. And why.

I also run Trivia Contests complete with DVD giveaways from time to time. Rest assured when that happens I will be posting reminders on this blog so you can get in on the action.

[I am super excited about the return of American Idol next week. Last year, I was obsessed and a highly dedicated blogger to the season. I managed to covered every single episode, singer by singer. All of which I plan on doing again this year.]

So. There you have it people. Feel Free to swing over and chat TV with me. Anytime.

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  • I love that blog. You have filled me in on some great shows. Keep up the good work!

  • Nothing wrong with pimping your own blog,Meleah. I do it all the time.

  • Jay

    I watch VERY little TV. Since I’ve been sick with whatever hellish bug this is – about twelve days now – I think I’ve watched three, maybe four programmes on actual TV. I know. it’s unnatural, isn’t it? LOL!

    But the new blog looks great! Good for you!

  • Meleah

    Whoooo Hoo.
    You are always leaving comments for me on Melevision.
    You Are The Best.

    The SarcasticCynic
    LOL. Thanks!

    Why thank you. I cant imagine my life without TV!

  • Isn’t a new 30 Rock night? I know because I’m getting that giddy, tingling feeling in my bones.

  • I like House. I used to watch Kung Fu religiously. Remember that one. Otherwise I like to pretend that I’m above watching TV, even though I watch about as much of it as anyone else.

  • Meleah

    Michael C:
    Hell Yes It is!

    Richard W:
    I love me some Dr. House. I wish he was MY doctor.

  • cmk

    You know that I am over there every single day! It really is amazing how many shows I can actually watch during hockey season–I must do nothing else! 😉

  • Just last night I wanted to link your tv blog to OT and it was blank. Damn!

  • Meleah

    I know. And I LOVE YOU FOR IT!
    I watch way too much TV too.

    What? Melevision was blank? huh?


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