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Baby Mason Has Arrived

(This was written YESTERDAY….in a hospital in Pennsylvania.)

I received a phone call at 330 am last night, except that I did not remember getting this phone call. At least not until I was halfway en route to my office. I decided to call my mother to figure out if she had really called or if it was just part of a dream I was having. “Morning Mom. Did you call my house last night?” She said, “Yes…I have wonderful news! Her water broke at 330 am last night! She in the hospital! In labor.” “Really?” I said. “Ooooh! That is so great.”

As this phone call took place, I thought my mother was talking about my brother Lee and his wife Maya. (She is also due this monthwith baby number two.) There have been quite a few close calls with her going into early labor. But, it wasn’t until I was just about to hang up the phone when my mother dropped the unexpected announcement. “Yes, your father and I aren’t going to work today. We are going to see Adam, Traci and wait for Mason to arrive.”

[Insert a long pause caused by my utter confusion.]

[Followed by screaming with joy]

I shouted, “MASON? Wait….Mason! You mean my brother Adam and TRACI are in labor? ! I thought you said “Zaibryn” I thought you meant Lee & Maya are in labor. Oh My God. Mason? Oh My God. Traci? I cant go to work! Um….? Oh My God! I am turning the car around! I am coming with you guys!”

That is when I took extreme measures in to my own hands in order to make good time. I changed my traveling direction by driving over medians, while speeding down the highway, and talking on my cell phone. I mean, I headed towards my parents house calmly and rationally while I drove safely and obeying all traffic laws.

I called out of work – yet again. I mean really. My little brother was having his first baby. He was hours away from becoming a Daddy. And there was No Way I was missing that.

After spending the day in the hospital…

My brother Adam and his wife Traci welcomed their first baby:


Born 6 pounds, 10 ounces, and 20 inches long @ 9:35 am on October 15, 2007.

My brother is a Daddy! My sister in law is a Mommy! I am an Aunt!

Just look at this baby!!!

“It’s a brand new baby”


Some of the baby photos are in my flickr album. Click Here!

*Per Request: These Photos have been changed to a PRIVATE status. *
Congratulations to my brother and his wife. I am already in love with Mason.

*Now it is finally time to stalk all the blogs I haven’t been able to read for three days… (this is the longest I have been away from the internet in over a year) I am having major internet and blogger withdrawl…*

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  • Welcome to the world, Mason!!!!!

  • Congrats to mommy and daddy!

    And congrats to Auntie Meleah!

  • Congrats, Melz 🙂

  • How exciting!

  • The best friend

    im crying. i am so proud of those two…3 i mean!! Happy Brithday Mason! xooxoox???????????????????????????????

  • The best friend

    im crying. i am so proud of those two…3 i mean!! Happy Brithday Mason! xooxoox??

  • Meleah

    Um… yeah…The VERY BABY who’s fan blades I just finished THE DAY BEFORE she went into labor.

    And he arrived a week early.

    Hmm….If I actually had that sort of power? Well now, that…that, would be awesome.

    Then you guys really could call me a Super Hero.

    Im so overjoyed by this whole experience I cant even sit still, or work, or concentrate!

    (okay I am going back to stalking my other favorite bloggers …whom I have MISSED terribly over the last 4 days…..)


    Thank you sweety


    I am so excited! happy dances all over the place


    It really is


    Ive been crying for two days. All tears of JOY

  • What wonderful news. Welcome, dear little Mason.

  • bdawg

    Congrats…. to the family… Alotta famous people were born on October 15th… foremost … 70 BC – Virgil, Roman poet (d. 19 BC) … I’m sure Mason Douglas Walter will leave his mark on this world…

  • How lovely!! Happy BIRTH-day Mason!

    ….I think I’ll wait to read CH 2 until I feel better. Right now I feel like stepping out in front of a bus. Blah!!

  • FV

    congratulations my dear Mel!!!
    and a very happy birthday Mason, welcome to the new world.

  • Meleah


    Aww…honey! I know you are so sick right now…what are you doing awake anyway? You should be resting / sleeping / watching mind-numbing TV…. Feel better please. Thank you for your well wishes on Mason.


    Thanks doll….Too bad Maya didn’t go into labor right afterwards, remember, I was going to be doing that fake marathon running back and fourth between hospitals and video taping…..


    Thank You 🙂


    Yeay! You are commenting again. And Thanks.. Ill let my brother know the history of Masons birth date. You Rule.

  • Hooray for all of you! That’s awesome. Congratulations to all!

  • this is great news for you–something positive to focus on
    congrats to you and the family
    enjoy this special time

  • Oh Congratulations!!!

    I love that you were there for them!!
    Sisterly devotion indeed!
    I love babies – I get awfully excited at times like this!!

    (I think I’ll be waiting a long time for my brother to get his act together!!
    In the meantime, I will live vicariously through you!!)


  • Now that’s worth celebrating!!!

  • The best friend


  • well this was wonderful news.. i didn’t realize both of your brothers were” expecting” i just knew one was cuz of the post about the fan blades…. this is so nice…

  • Meleah


    Thank you 🙂


    Sure Is.


    Yes, you can totally live this through me!


    Champagne for everyone!


    I havent even uploaded HALF of them yet. Wait till you see my iPhoto library.


    This is the best. Its just the best.

  • Meleah

    *And finally… I was wondering…where all my peeps were…*

  • How exciting! There’s nothing in the world so precious as a brand new baby. Congratulations!

    Thanks for stopping by my site today. I am enjoying reading your blog and plan to stop in here now and then as well!

  • I just love that little smooshed up newborn face! Congrats to you entire family! Everyone looks sooooooo HAPPY!!!!
    Olga (& Shawn)

  • FV

    That’s too bad Mel, I was hoping to see your after marathon pictures, oh well. better luck next time.

    Hopes you are well my dear Aunt Mel.



  • Yay!!! Welcome Mason!!!!

  • Auntie Meleah, congrats to both the mommy and daddy 🙂 It’s always exciting to welcome a new born into this world.

  • Lis

    Wee Mason, welcome to the world!

  • Meleah


    Thank you! and your blog is great!


    Oh the brand new baby’s face and hands and feet and tummy ….. 🙂

    Michael C:

    Thank you !


    I know. That would have been fun.


    Thanks doll.


    I am so excited to be an AUNT.

  • HollyGL

    Congratulations, again!! Wow, how exciting! Now, your’s is what I call a “family”.

  • Meleah


    Yep. This IS what its all about.

  • Meleah

    ** New Photos have been added to the Mason Baby Set of Flickr*

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