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Mason’s Hebrew Naming

* I will be writing another post entirely, with respects to clothes shopping and the unfortunate state of what is supposedly currently fashionable. For now, I will tell you that it took me all of 5 hours on Friday to find and buy a single outfit for Saturday’s events. (insert gun in mouth). Oh yeah, I will also be writing another post about the evening portion, spent in the middle of Somewhere Pennsylvania.


Saturday afternoon, I attended my nephew, Baby Mason’s Hebrew Naming Ceremony. Ya’ll know I can never get enough of my ‘Family Functions’. (Or take enough pictures). This was also the 1st Family Function wherein I brought a ‘date’ in over a year and a half. Even though Danny (a.k.a. “Certain Bald Guy” or “C.B.G.” for short) has known most of my family from our prior history, he was noticeably nervous. As was I. We went to the event fully aware that C.B.G. would be eyeballed by my protective Italian family members such as the two silver foxes and one shiner. However, it wasn’t too long before Danny stopped sweating (Ha! This time he was the one sweating) and felt comfortable with my family. I also have to hand it to my family. No one really eyeballed him. In fact, things went perfectly smoothly. There were no ‘huge defining moments’ or drama of any kind.

Sorry to disappoint.

The ceremony was beautiful. Mason’s mommy, my sister in law Traci is positively glowing. I mean just look at these photos and you can see why I am so in love with that baby and my family.

It was wonderful to spend time with my brothers, and it was especially super cool to see my favorite cousin in the world. C.B.G was pleasantly surprised with how much my brother Adam remembered while they were catching up. My father was his usual hilarious self, and my mother looked awesome in her killer boots while hanging out with one of her favorite cousins.

We ate, we drank, we laughed, and we celebrated as a family. Towards the end of the day, the infamous Gramma Evelyn and my Aunt Irene had me in stitches when dropping the-ever-so-subtle-hints to my Uncle Rick, they wanted to leave.

I had a GREAT time. I just love my family.

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  • First of all, you looked FANTASTIC!! Love the skinny jeans on you. I thought this was a you and C.B.G. weekend, not a family thing….that’s why all the excitment! I love your Mom’s Kick Ass boots, and Grandma Evelyn’s face is pricelss in every shot. Yes, your son is SO normal. It’s very difficult to pull them away from those things. I loved the photo album, it looked like a really nice family event! I’m glad C.B.G survived…..he looks alittle nervous sitting next to Ev.!

  • Meleah

    Chef Mom:

    I did spend that evening alone with CBG, that post should be up by tomorrow….

    Thank you for saying I look fantastic. I am super self conscious and those skinny jeans make me nervous.

    Thank G-D My son is ‘normal’ but, seriously, he colds have at least looked up once or twice throughout the day!

  • You are stunning in those jeans.There is no need for you to be self-conscious. If I were a guy I’d ask you out myself!

    What a lovely family you have. The love you share for one another really comes through in your posts and your photos. It is heartwarming in this day and age when so many families are falling apart. It’s brilliant!

  • Dood, you took 116 pictures in an afternoon!? Holy hell. You have to leave the camera AT HOME (or at least in the car, far, far from me) if you visit in fall, you know how I am. lol

    and yes, you do look fab.

  • Meleah


    Aww.. Thank You. Id date you if you were a man too! :). I am VERY lucky to have this kind of family.


    Dood. I took 325 photos that afternoon. You will never know how many I delete in a single day.

    Seriously. If you take 500 photos, you get maybe 10 good ones (if you are lucky).

    And I KNOW how you are…damn, thats gunna be tough. Maybe Ill crop you out of all of them? HA HA HA

  • cmk

    I DO, occasionally, miss spending time with The Family–I especially miss the food! Your pictures made me remember–glad you had such a good time. (And you looked amazing.)


    re: “Skinny Jeans”
    They are meant for skinny people…on everyone else they’re just “Wrong Jeans” Jus’ Sayin’….

  • Meleah


    You are giving me the best EGO boost of my life!


    HA HA HA HA HA ….


    I cant get enough of my family.

  • Lis

    You look HOT in those jeans! I’m skinny but can’t wear skinny jeans because my legs? Too. Damn. Skinny.

    I LOVE your mum’s boots! I never get to wear boots here because it’s just too freakin’ hot.

  • I’m glad you love your family. What a way to end a post.

    Just reading about the experience hit home. Amazing.

  • Lee

    Family gatherings can be either the best of times or the worst of times. Looks like yours was the former rather than the latter! :0) Great pictures. For my daughter’s wedding in August, I took 200 pictures at the rehearsal and dinner and then another 200 at the reception the next day. Less than half were keepers.

  • Ack! The stupid internet police here at work won’t let me see these pictures!!! I will have feedback when I check them out at home. I mean really, how crazy did it get at this function? LOL!

  • The pics are lovely… everyone looks so happy! Glad you had a good time 🙂

  • Meleah


    Shut Up. Really? I love you. xxoo

    Urban Thought:

    Nothing is better than good times with the family.


    See! Thats why I take SOFA KING MANY pictures. Gah! Everyone gets MAD but, hey…I gotta TRY to get some good ones!


    Ha ha…. Internet Police….


    Loved it. Thanks darling!

  • Your mom’s boots are great (my mom used to wear things like that, too), your Dad’s still a complete hunk, and you are so completely right about current fashions. Don’t EVEN get me started.

  • what with your Mom’s boots ( I have a thing for women and boots) and your jeans..whoo I could get into trouble with some cheeky remarks..looking good there..:):):)..family time is usually the best of times…I’m glad you had a great time…:):):)

  • Meleah


    That post will be live THURDSAY… (after the Somewhere PA post)But, Dood…WHY? and WHAT THE FUCK? with today’s fashion…*sigh*


    My moms Boots are CRAZY Hotness. And Thank you. Yes I did have a wonderful time….but the Skinny Jeans…are gunna have to go!

  • That sounds like it was a great time!
    My son’s name is Mason. 😉

  • i swear to f’n god i am moving to jersey and joining your family!!!!! you have the coolest family… i’m half italian… you could squeeze me in somewhere!!!!!

  • Aw, come on! There was no defining moment? Not even after the drinking?! Dang.

  • Meleah


    hey there…Mason is a GREAT name.

    oh…nice to *meet* you….

    btw…glad you liked the picks on flickr, the comment you left over there is for tomorrows post!


    you know I already adopted you…..bring your half Italian Ass to Jersey! xxoo


    Sorry! It was Jjst a regular day….That evening however, was a little more interesting!

  • Danny aka CBG

    OK ,OK I was a ‘BIT NERVOUS’ But I had a great time, and by the way you looked amazing in your ‘SKINNY Jeans’ …Babe you look great in anything!

  • It sounds like a great time! Isn’t it great to be reminded how great our families are? My fav family moments are when we all get into fights over Trivial Pursuit, yet we still play every holiday!

  • Awww, that was such a sweet thing for CBG to say. Of course, he’s right! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are one lucky gal with that family of yours.

  • I’m joining the consensus- the outfit is great, and no worries about the “Skinny Jeans” (I’m convinced half of what scares people about them is the name itself).

    And I double hear ya on todays fashions. I couldn’t find a New Year’s dress to save my life, and currently have store credit at the shop around the corner because I couldn’t find a single thing in the store worth exchanging a Christmas gift that didn’t fit. Can’t wait for your take!

  • Spending time with the family is always great, noisy like a cat in a blender but always great:) Good to see you having a nice time …

  • Meleah


    You were CRAZY nervous…and VERY sweaty! (At first!)


    Ha ha ha..Trivia Pursuit…Yep. being with the FAM is the BOMB


    I AM one lucky gal to have such a GREAT family. I feel BLESSED


    I know! There are NO DRESSED that are currently flattering! I cant. Thanks for the compliment!! Ya’ll are making me feel GREAT about myself.


    Very Good Times.

  • Olly

    That’s Crazy Cool.
    Your Family ROCKS!

  • Meleah

    ha ha ha ha….they do rock! Love you Olly!

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