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Many Many Many Thank You’s

Oh my! And Hell YES!!

I am overwhelmed and utterly thrilled by the enormous support The Internet has given me over this past week. I want to extend the biggest, warmest, most heartfelt Thank Yous to the following people for: talking about, linking back to, blogging, tweeting, digging, emailing links, and all around helping me spreading the word about my movie

So Happy Together An Unhealthy Obsession With My Apple Computer.

1. Jen Rinaldi @ Jen Rinaldi Photography (The very same woman responsible for many of the photos, especially all of the cool ones. Love Her!!)

2. Leslie @ Apple Grrl

3. Eric @ SpeedyCat

4. Rog @ Musical Wind

5. Chris Clark @ Geek Force Five

6. Jennifer @ Dust Bunny Hostage

7. Valerie @ Natural Woman

8. Oscar @ Oscars Tavern

9. Eva @ Sweedish

10. Linda aka Employee No 3699 @ Random Memorandum

11. Jennifer @ iPod Fan

12. Random Chick @ Confessions Of A Random Chick

13. STEALTH @ Lesbiatopia (yeah..hello..look who’s back!!)

14. Bob G @ Near The Salt Lake City

15. Epiphany @ Your Presence Requested

16. Michael C @ The Wonderful World Of Nothing Worthwhile

17. Roshan @ Awake & Dreaming

18. Paddock @ A View From The Pond

19. Courtney Ryan @ Courtney Ryan’s Blog

20.  Miss Money Penny @ Miss Money Penny

21. Selma @ Selma In The City

22. Mrs Q @ QMusings

Even My Mother got involved when she went ahead and submitted the video in two discussion boards on Apple’s websites MacBook & iMovie.

Wow. I am at a total loss for words.

(Literally. At A Total Loss For Words. I haven’t been able to write a single sentence this week.)

But, You guys?

You guys rock!!!

I wish I could give every single one of you individualized presents, or cookies, or deep fried twinkies. I don’t know what else to say except that if any of you ever need a semi-functional organ, I am your girl!!

Oh. Yeah. I have added a set of the photos that were used in the video, which can be found HERE

(if any of you wanted to get a closer or a longer look at some of them).

Again, Thanks Everyone.

Ya’ll are the bestest, coolest, totally-super-awesomeness.

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  • Well, you certainly deserve it. I hope that something really good comes from that movie – like a mega top paying job with Apple. It really was excellent and so creative!

  • Aww, thanks for the super shout out Meleah!

    You lil creative genius!!

    I appreciate the trackback! 🙂

  • Meleah

    I am blown away by everyone’s help.
    Blown Away.

    Jen R:
    Thats the LEAST I could do!

  • hey i still got a post coming that deserves a mention of your movie, it’s coming..actually it’s on the NJTP…it’s gone be late, but it’s coming.

  • Meleah

    You are so damn cute!

  • yo momma

    i was gonna post it on the company intranet, but it’s down for a change.
    b’sides, i decided ron would get mad if i got fired….

  • Meleah


    Hey, we can BOTH collect unemployment.

    PS: why dont you just email the You Tube link to your co-workers?


  • Awww, I was a bad bloggy friend. I watched it. I loved it. But I didn’t promote it. (The week just got away from me is my lame excuse.) It was fabulous and funny though and I hope you win an award for your awesome video!

  • Like I said, anything for my Meleah!! xoxo

  • Aw! How sweet! I should thank you. Posting your video made me cool by association.

    Have a great weekend.


  • Meleah

    OMG. R U kidding me?
    (that was such a text reply!)
    Im just glad you are doing so well!


    Im not cool
    Im dating a computer!
    How cool can I be?

  • It’sd a cult classic!!

  • Meleah


    This is sofa king awesome. Really. Ya’ll will never know how much I appreciate all of this. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

    If I am missing anyone from “The List” in this post, please email me or leave me a comment HERE so I can return the favor of Link Love!

  • I really think we all got the preview of the next Apple commercial!!!

    You’re very clever and talented…and probably a fan of Apple computers (hee-hee).

    Oh, as I watched it about the third time I noticed your apple teapot, how cute!

  • Meleah

    Employee No.3699:

    He he he…


    There are a few suttle things like that in the video.
    Im so gald you noticed!
    I will get to work on Part Two soon enough!

    *Too bad this day job gets in the way and hogs up all my time!*

  • Eva

    You guys are going to live happily ever after! I see many, many Mac Minis in your future! Awwww…wook at the widdle cute Mac Mini! Cootchie cootchie coo! 🙂

  • Meleah

    ha ha ha ha
    You are so funny!

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