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Macne (pronounced: Mac-Knee)

This could be a wonderful new Apple product for people experiencing sudden and humiliating bouts of iAcne.

Rather then walking around in public with embarrassing red dots that are obviously swollen from picking at your face, or the noticeable “cake-face” from spackling on way too much foundation and powder, may I suggest a new approach for concealment in such times of need. Apple icon stickers, that are medicated on one side with benzoyl peroxide, which can, and should be used to cover your Zits.


Trendy and Helpful.

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  • LOL… I’m for it.

  • Cute. lol

  • Seeing as how I’ve had as many breakouts lately as your typical teenager, I’m all about a cute and trendy solution for it!!


  • YEAH! I can finally read your blog!!!! 🙂

  • Meleah


    xxoo 🙂

    Cute n Trendy works!

    Oh please…..I know there have been MAJOR blog issues. I am going under construction tomorrow. xxoo 🙂

    you should MAKE them

  • mmm one thing I have neve been is cute.. and definitley never trendy…although I did once wear paisley bell bottoms in public….:))))

  • Trendy, helpful and BRILLIANT!

  • Meleah

    I’d love to see a picture of THAT

    Right!!! Im thinking I might need to get a paten on that idea! ASAP.

  • Danny AKA CGB

    Babe you ‘ALWAYS’ look ‘GREAT’ Hope you feel better soon !!!

  • Get to the patent office immediately. That idea is gonna take off. I need a box of them right now for a big zit that popped up today at the side of my nose. It’s in an awkward enough spot so that I can’t squeeze it. I want some ‘Macne.’ I want to be trendy in my misery.

  • So where do I place my order? LOL

  • I love this! And would so have an apple on my cheek this week.

  • Sweet….I love all things Mac!

  • Meleah

    I wasn’t talking about me.

    As a known mac enthusiast, I knew YOU’D appreciate this one!

    ha ha ha ha…Ill be sure to run this idea past Steve Jobs and let you know!

    Also a MAC lover….hehehehehe We could be cute instead of embarassed!

    Warn Out Woman:
    That makes 2 of us. xxoo

  • Cool, I need a whole box full of them … urmm, wait a minute Nick! You’re an old fart who doesn’t have acne no more, just what the heck do you need them for? LOL!

  • If someone can make money on a corn flake, surely you can make some money on this idea!

  • Meleah

    You never know.

    For real! Corn Flakes! C’mon!! This is a way better idea!

  • Finally … a real solution. I just can’t stop picking those red dots!! I know it just makes it worse, but they itch so!

    Page Reconstruction????? Really?

  • Meleah


    Oh yeah. Migrating / Moving to a new host. So Necessary. xxoo.

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