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Look What Came In The Mail Today…

The book. The one I am dreading and dying to read all at the same time. The one by the girl from my high school. The one that’s sparked a million memories before I even opened it. The one that has made me want to dive back in and write my own book again. It’s here! In my hand. In my house. I cannot wait to read it. Cover to Cover. Uninterrupted. I think I will shut off the phones, shut down the computer and spend all day Saturday reading this.

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  • Just know that there are people thinking about you and wishing you strength to fight the bad memories. Hope you discover that they have lost the grip they had on you!

  • Hey chica! Mine isn’t here yet, but when it arrives I’m sure I’ll even read it before the new Potter. Call me if it upsets you and you need to talk.

  • Meleah

    Random/Amber: Thanks sweety. It really does help.

    Leslie: Yeah um make sure I can get in touch with you this weekend, since YOU attended the school with me, and since you were MY MENTOR / BIG SISTER (and STILL ARE my mentor and my sister) you are the only one who truly knows what the fuck this feels like. I love you! πŸ™‚

  • i don’t think you’ll be able to wait ’till saturday! But you know where to find us all if all turns to shit! Don’t forget your reading checklist:
    __ tissue
    __ phone (check the speed dial)
    __ throwable items (i.e. pillows, pens, plastic cups, etc.)
    __ post-read chocolate
    __ laptop (duh!)

  • I can’t say it any better than Amber did…. so good luck… I will be thinking about you.

  • Meleah

    I have the best circle of blog women ever.

  • i force myself thru memories a lot… and sometimes it is extremely painful… but the hope that one day i can be one with all of those memories,, all those little fragments of me… is what keeps me doing it,,, and coming out the other side…

  • You have been tagged…you have to write 8 random facts about yourself that no one knows.

  • Jodi

    You will be able to wait, man you have some willpower!
    I do wonder that, if it were I, would the feeling be of intrepidation…And yet to know there are those out there as well…
    You have your check lists and everyone else has well covered all the rest…Just know, You will be in my thoughts and sending you good vibes…
    And well, we will be here, just in case, ya know?

  • Meleah

    Paisley: πŸ™‚

    Marsha: Thank you.

    Jodi: I think its more trepidation than will power. I don’t want to start the book because I know I wont be able to put it down, once I open the cover. I also want to be completely ALONE, (while my son is away at his dads this weekend) I want to be in complete silence, with no distractions, with no phone/computer/tv, or interruptions. Thus, I am holding out until Saturday. (IT’S KILLING ME) . I peeked inside and I saw the first page, which is a black and white photo of the 1st Weaver Family Christmas Card. *shiver* I know I have to wait for the exact setting in order to take it all in.

  • I just came over to tell you I FINALLY followed through and updated my blog roll! Sorry it took me so long to get around to the new additions. =)

  • Curl up in bed with lots of firm pillows for support, a glass of Dutch courage beside you for strength, and read, knowing that you really are in a protected circle with all of our unseen hands holding yours, darling.


  • Lis

    Hey kiddo, we will be here if you need us.

  • Meleah

    Seriously, I have the best women bloggers right here in my little circle.

    THANK YOU sooo much.

  • Take your time with it. Breathe slow and easy. You may find something valuable in all of this.

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