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Long Weekend and The Break Up

I have been able to relax, sleep and even eat a few things over this long weekend. I have been formally introduced to WHOLE FOODS and organic only things. With some limited energy and a low dose of nutrients in me, today will be well spent WRITING!!

I did NOTHING on Saturday, except watch THIS MOVIE, three times. I want my own private bag of lemons, or, a crew of Polacks with no futures “to make shit real uncomfortable around here”… just see the movie and that joke will be funny to you too…

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  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh… Your first introduction to ‘Whole Paycheck’ as we call it out here… Why is it things that are so good for you have to be so dang expensive?!


  • meleah rebeccah

    dood… MONICA!!! YEAY!!

    Whole paycheck! Nice! HA HA….

    I know, it IS MAD CRAZY expensive! But better than what I have been feeding myself over the years, so, I will just sell my car, get a second mortgage and eat gluten free… (just kidding)

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