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Lesson Learnt

Never leave my house without my digital camera ever again.

Even if my camera is old and broken. Even if 9 times out of 10 the picture comes out blurry. And even if my camera uses batteries like a prostitute uses condoms…it still would have been really handy to have in my possession when I saw Sanjaya shopping at my local CVS.

Oh, alright, so it wasn’t Sanjaya. And, for the record, I don’t even like Sanjaya. Not.Even.A.Little. But I did frantically search my purse for said crappy digital camera when the Sanjaya look-a-like-could-have-been-practically-identical-twin strolled into the store.

After shoving my hand violently around my gigantic purse for a solid 8 minuets, I still couldn’t locate my camera. That’s when I realized I had left it at home to download more new pictures of Baby Mason.

As I wondered aimlessly into the parking lot, I was lost in deep thought about how funny that post would have been. I was disappointed for missing the perfect opportunity to hold a Spontaneous Sanjaya look a like contest. Distracted, preoccupied, and contemplating the words I would have used in my ‘almost post’ I began unloading the bags from my shopping cart into THE WRONG CAR.

Um. Yeah. Hi.

I was too busy cussing myself out for being ill prepared, that I wasn’t even aware I was putting my bags, into someone else car.

(Because, you know, Hyundai’s and Nissan’s look so much alike. Right?)

The only clue to the situation I had gotten myself into was how clean the back seat of the wrong car was. The back seat of my car is filled with empty coffee cups, cigarette packs, 15 pairs of shoes…all of which I did not see as I was placing bags neatly into…The Wrong Car.

First I panicked. Then I rapidly scanned the parking lot for any onlooker, or the possible owner of the car. Thankfully no one saw me as I quickly removed the bags…and thankfully I wasn’t busted.

Lesson Learnt? There may be a celebrity look a like at any given time, in any given store. Never leave my house without my digital camera ever again. I might end up in jail for a really embarrassing misunderstanding, one that infers to unlawful entry or even burglary.

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  • Meleah


    I got the comment. I have to say your story is second only to BFD’s story!

    Isnt it funny how we look at like as things in our lives as stuff to ‘blog’ / ‘write’ about? and get lost in contemplating the words. I love it.

    I am going to use Bossy’s idea and strap my camera onto my inner thigh like an accessory…at least as soon as I get mt NEW digital camera.

  • Can you imagine I couldn’t find my camera on my birthday every frickin day of the year it’s staring me in my face and the one day I need it – it’s not there. Had to ask friends to get it for me.

  • Meleah


    NO! I was really looking forward to seeing your birthday pictures. Damn.

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