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Law and Order

I always think I saw them all, but every once in a while I will see one (an old one) I missed. In any event, Lenny Briscoe, (Jerry Orbach) was in an episode I just saw for the first time… Drama drama drama, point is…There was one line he delivered as only HE can, when he (Lenny/Jerry) said to his boss (to refer to an inmate) “I PLAN ON DOING THIS JOB FROM MY WHEELCHAIR”…. Funny, I think he did work Law and Order until he died. Sigh…I love that show. I have TWO “new” episodes TONIGHT…!!

and ……

I have the best show EVER … HOUSE

Maybe Tuesday is even better than Monday! At least for T.V.!!

I am such a loser! When good TV makes for a good night you know my life is lacking in so very many areas!!!

*In personal news, I was sick all night last night 2am – 7am, I missed a day of work, and full day of PAY. I always feel soo GUILITY when I have to call out of work. Thankfully, I am seeing my GI doctor tomorrow at 2pm. I need a serious medication re-evaluation, THIS is not working.*

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  • Anonymous

    your not alone!
    and I will pray harder

    mr o


    I am going to take care of you now and always.

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