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Last night I ended my birthday

Last night I ended my birthday with the movie WALK THE LINE, excellent, especially since I had no idea who the fuck Johnny Cash was, but, sappy, pathetic, hopeless romantic me, liked the romantic side of the story.

I was going to save the movie, to watch with the aspiring singer my BFF but, I needed something to distract me… (don’t be mad, I cheated on you with a movie… ha ha ha)

I read the first 3 chapters of NEVER HAVE YOUR DOG STUFFED by ALEN ALDA, and I must say (so far) it is hysterical, light hearted, funny, entertaining, emotional, and prolific, on really heavy subjects… I am, officially in love, with that book.

Today, not so good, went to GI doctor, and was told I have CROHN’S DISEASE,as a clear diagnose… I am not going into that too much, I can’t read about it, learn about it, think about it, until after Thursday. I have 2 extremely invasive tests, and biopsy’s, to endure, and, I am still on that “liquid diet”…anyone who needs to loose 15 pounds in 7 days, may I suggest: the 7 day straight chicken broth remedy, accompanied with a nasty intestinal disorder…I promise you’ll fit in your “goal jeans” in no time.

In “other news” I was flagged down on the road by “Joe-cop” while I was on the way to my doctors appt today, and, while he was on call (lights, sirens, uniform, handcuffs and gun ablaze) to stop some one on the railroad tracks…that’s when he pulled me over, and I was given a private! copy! of HIS manuscript! Some of the excerpts from some of the stories he’s written!!!… (A good read in the doctors’ office while worrying about my “fate” or lack there of, I certainly think about SOCKS much differently now!)

Okay, okay, in seriousness, I am a little scared, about that whole disease thing, just that WORD, “disease” PISSES.ME.OFF. but, what can I do? Listen and follow doctors orders, um… okay… I have issues with orders, but, this, calls for an exception.

Mom and/or Dad are taking me on Thursday, to said biopsy/invasive camera, tube action, and maybe then, I’ll be nervous. Right now, I am just tired; I have no patience, tolerance, or endurance. (Not eating a MEAL in seven days, can / does / will cause black spots to appear before your eyes every time you stand up. Dizziness is inevitable, reflexes sluggish, mind turning to oatmeal)

I am supposed to IM people tonight, I am supposed to do 50 things, all I CAN do is write this, hope everyone forgives me for ‘ignoring them.”

PS, I am an alcoholic, destined for Alzheimer’s, suffering from Crohn’s, covered in stretch marks, yeah, a real “catch”… not to mention that emotional baggage I carry so obviously in my every day life… Wedding bells? Anyone?

PS: Justin had his 1st real TRUMPET lessons today, and tomorrow he has his first of THIS year’s Student Council meeting, I have to have him AT SCHOOL AT 645am, which is a 530 am wake up call to me… GO JUSTIN.. tired mommy)

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  • Leslie

    Honey, I’m so glad we talked tonight. Call me anytime. {{hugs}}

  • Anonymous

    Im so sorry. Hang in there, be strong, and keep me posted. I’ll be thinking of you and sending you good vibes.


  • Anonymous

    Is there anything that people with CD should avoid?

    People who smoke, or who have smoked in the past, have a higher risk of developing CD. CD patients that smoke have an increased number of relapses, repeat surgeries, and aggressive immunosuppressive treatment. People with CD are generally encouraged to stop smoking by their physicians in order to prevent flare-ups of the disease.

    NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) such as ibuprofen and naproxen sodium can cause inflammation and worsen bleeding in the small intestine. They can even knock some people with IBD out of remission. People with IBD should consult with their gastroenterologist before taking NSAIDs, even those available over the counter.


  • Anonymous

    i’m SURE YOUR FATHER wants you to see this:

    Can Crohn’s Disease Sufferers Help Themselves?

    As with so many other diseases, one of the first things to do is, GIVE UP SMOKING! No matter how careful you are, smoke poisons and tar deposits are dissolved in the saliva and end up in the stomach and intestinal tract. There is not much more irritating than that, rest assured.

    Some patients find that some foods make their symptoms worse (ie. foods high in fibre, alcohol and dairy foods), but the disease cannot be controlled simply through diet. Some patients who learn to control their diet through trial and error, just avoiding the foods that make the symptoms worse and take their medications, can go into quite long-term remission, sufficient to allow the sufferer to lead a normal life. “Flare ups” may require urgent consultation or hospital admission, so don’t delay getting help.

    Worldwide research programs are pulling Crohn’s apart in an effort to understand it and there is much hope for improved treatments and options for sufferers, in the coming years.


  • Anonymous

    I wish that I could give you new organs.
    I love you with all my guts.

  • Anonymous

    Hi hun, listen im here with u 110%…you’ll be fine i know it

  • Anonymous

    No proble let me know how the doc. goes. OSBORN

  • Leslie

    Wait Wait Wait…

    After all that you did not get actually tested for Celiac’s???

    Get The Test.

    Celiacs is often misdiagnosed as CD for whole families, because the test wasn’t invented until fairly recently. They would not have ID’d your relatives as Celiac’s instead of CD until the last few years, and the two dieases act just the same as far as symptoms go, but they are not the same!

    Get the test. If only to rule it out and double confirm CD, get the test.

    You’re going to be in there this week anyway…

    Get the Celiac’s test.

    ok, /nag off

    Love, Leslie

  • meleah rebeccah

    okay leslie,I promise I will tell doctor to check that!! xoxoxox
    not nagging!!!

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