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La Pequeña Amy Winehouse

I have no idea what this guy is saying. And I don’t know weather I should laugh or be frightened?

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  • WTH…okay be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • Well, I vote for the ‘frightened’ option. Doesn’t say anything worthwhile: “I’m the little Amy, I love drugs, I have several addictions… I enjoy addictions”. Now I only need to watch a couple of Blendtec videos to detox my short term memory 😀

  • Mini Amy Winehouse with a glint in his/her eyes. I may not be able to sleep tonight.

  • now that was scary…:)))))

  • Uh, whoa, um. Be afraid. be very afraid.

  • Lee

    Amy Winehouse is scary enough in her own right. Just another sign that I’m an aging American I guess because I don’t get her at all.

  • Weird. I think I saw him do Hillary Clinton too. And by “do” I mean imitate, lol

  • HAHAHAHA. too funny.

  • OK, that was more disturbing than the real thing.

    I never thought I could say that about Amy Winehouse, either.

    *full body shiver*

    Hey, how do I get my avatar up on here, I don’t want to be a nobody!! :p

  • if ever i really really really wish i hadn’t clicked something? it’s now. tomorrow i’m driving straight down to the brain-fix-it shop and have that bit of my brain removed. i’m POSITIVE i won’t miss it. 🙂

  • HAHAHA! That was horribly creepy!!

  • Meleah

    Agreed. Frightening is an understatement.

    So very afraid.

    Images of that dood will keep me awake for DAYS.

    Very freaking scary!

    Michael C:
    Yes. Indeed.

    Aw. If it makes you feel any better I don’t ‘GET’ her music either. 🙂

    Drowsey Monkey:
    Yeah. I think he does a bunch of famous people. All of which are terrifying.

    YOU would think its funny!

    Thank you! Like Winehouse isn’t scary enough. We need this too? If you want an image go to this website and sign up : http://en.gravatar.com/ its easy and worth it. Your image will be attached to all the comments you make in all of blogland!!

    hahahah Yep. this is something you’d like to forget seeing EVER.

    Chef Mom:
    Yes. I know. I watched it ONCE. But, I dont think I can ever watch that again.

  • Ewww…. that was nasty. 🙁

  • Yikes! You come out of your “coma” and then watch stuff like this?! Wouldn’t you rather just stay asleep?!

  • Meleah

    Tell me about it!

    Toad-ily. See what happens when nothing is on the E Channel.

  • Don’t ever show me these things again.

  • It’s one of those moments where you are not sure whether to laugh or frown…. there are some strange people around today… and you can find them on you-tube..lol!

    Promise me one thing, if you see me acting even remotely like the guy on that video, that you call the doctor out to me and ask him to put me to sleep…lol1

    Thanks for sharing it… it kinda helped remind me that I am not so insaine after all…. and trust me, I did need reminding xxxx

    Warm wishes

    Graham xxoo

  • Meleah

    Sorry man!

    I promise! *pinky swear* xxoo

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