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Kiss My Narcissistic Ass


Thanks to KellyPea @ Kellementology for writing:

Shamless Swaggering And Narcissistic Swashbuckling…arg.

The DEFINITIVE post on blogging and all of the various blogs and blogging communities as a whole. Simply Brilliant.

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  • it was awesome wasn’t it!!!! i loved it so much my narcissistic ass put up a thumbnail of the badge and redirected it back to my own narcissistic site… i love it !!!!!!!

  • Oh I loved it too!
    A brilliant article and a swashbuckling award.
    Narcissistic and proud of it!!

    Muah X

  • Meleah

    PAISLEY: I know! I saw your comment on Kelly’s site. I was dying how funny that is….linking back to YOUR own site kills me!

    MINX: Hell Yes!

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