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Just Laugh

Since I still cant find my MUSE (and I am under that insane deadline) please have yourself a nice laugh at these.

~I just loved this email~

Fake Childrens Books:







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  • My favourite is ‘Why Is Mommy Moaning?’ That is too funny. I wish I had grown up reading those books!

  • Some of those look really helpful and would make those difficult parent-child talks SO much easier.

  • Thanks for a good laugh this morning. My favorite is the little engine that couldn’t.

  • love it… this is hysterical… just relax.. deadlines come and go every day… before you know it .. it will be met,, and you will be on to the next one… yeah,,, i know … shut up , jodi!!!!!

  • Meleah


    These will forever crack me up.


    Ha ha ha! I didnt think if it that way, but you may be on to something!


    I love them all.


    I would never tell you to shut up! I love you too much.

  • I love the doggie who is going to lose his balls! I hope you start to feel more comfortable in your job soon…I mean, you are a great writer! If anyone can make an ad that will cause a huge influx of uninsured people, it is so totally YOU!

    Are you shopping that book around yet? If you google ‘literary agent’ I’ll bet you could find a BUNCH of people to send your sample chapters to. Plus you find out how people feel about them.

  • These are priceless! My favorite is…. why is mommy moaning LMAO!
    Daddy ran off with a whore… :)))
    Dude they’re gonna chop your balls off !!
    Love em all!!!

  • totally hilarious. and now i get why my dad ran off ….

  • Meleah

    These are totally hysterical. I cant!


    I have the WORST headache over this task. But THANK YOU for the encouragement!

    As for the book my girlfriend of 20+ years with mad experience in that very field will be helping me. I am way too trusting / (dumb) and I would end up in some screwed contract or worse, ripped off, if I went that route. xxoo


    Oh I know!


    This is getting me through my damn day.

  • Too funny! Those sound like the kind of children’s books that I would write!

  • Lee

    I think my ex-wife wrote the Little Engine book. Sounds like what she told my son.

  • Meleah


    I bet you would!


    That makes me…SAD. 🙁

  • Great covers; I would love to see some of those on the display rack at the local library, just to watch the look on people’s faces.

  • Lis

    I’ll totally read these children’s books.

  • I love these! I’ve seen them a few times, and they never fail to make me laugh. How goes the AD project? I’m on the base through tomorrow, So I need to catch up!

  • Hey-the kids need to learn about reality SOMETIME! Better sooner than later!

    Here’s another title, “Why is Mommy moaning? And what’s that BUZZING sound?”

  • lmao @ Dude They’re Gonna Chop Your Balls Off.

  • Those are hilarious!!

  • Ahhh poor doggy, lol.

  • OLLY

    Those are good.

  • My muse is usually a picture of some bikini babe I find while zipping around the net. She changes daily. 😛

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