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Just How Predjudiced Are You?

Could you make the final decision or be able to choose the winner on this new Reality Game Show…. “Without Prejudice?”

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  • I think I could pick a winner but I don’t think I could do it without prejudice.

    What I mean by this is that while I’m not racist, sexist, ageist, etc I do have pre-conceived ideas about people – everybody does – you can’t help it and a lot of it is what you’d call instinct.

    Being able to spot someone who looks dodgy and then deciding to stay away from them might save you from being mugged but it is without doubt prejudiced – after all you’ve never spoken to the person or got to know them (they might not be a mugger but why take the risk?).

    This show sounds interesting because it explores people’s pre-conceived ideas but as it’s not a police / medical drama it’ll probably never get shown in Australia anyway! 🙂

  • Yikes, maybe the whole gameshow thing has finally been taken just a little too far, huh??

    Bring me back celebrity jeopardy with Sean Connery!!! 😉

  • Meleah

    MICHAEL C: I want MATCH GAME PM to come back with Gene Rayburn (too bad he passed away. I loved him)

    GEEDOS: Me either!

  • I agree with Michael C. I have preconceived notions based on my gut feeling about someone. So many factors play into that “feeling”, but it has NEVER steered me wrong when I’ve gone with the initial impression unfiltered by logic. Its when I allow my head to enter into the picture that I am – more often than not – sorry.

  • hhmmm certainly I am not able to choose the winner. But I’d LOVED to be a contestant though 🙂

  • Meleah

    HOLLY: Sorry? For what? Being honest! Stop!

    RMH: Me too. (But I don’t know if I would like what they had to say after judging me!)

  • Match Game was the Blanking Bomb!!!! I love that show!!!!
    What a better tribe to Gene than to bring that back!!!!!

  • I hate people named Goldy… ALL PEOPLE NAMED GOLDY!

    p.s. Isn’t it prejudiced not prejudice?

  • Meleah

    GOLDY: oops. my bad.

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