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Just Bust A Move

Or in my case…Just Sit Really Still.

And no matter what, do not use my right arm. Or turn my head two inches to the left or two inches to the right…thus forcing me to twist my entire upper body to see anything around me. Any sudden movements will result in sheer agony. (A rather inconvenient feature when one is driving 85 miles per hour in rush hour traffic).

What I thought was just an unrelenting stiff neck, turned out to be a pulled muscle in my neck/shoulder blade. One that has been delivering non-stop, sharp, stabbing, fiery, pain. Compounded by the stress at work, and The Move.

Thus a very short post, typed LEFTY, while thanking the heavens above for those kick ass *muscle relaxers*.

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  • I’m telling you it was the .2 emails that did this to you. I would curse out the person that sent them…..Just throw those Muscle relaxers in your cafe-mocha-latte-vodka-valium-xanax-cocktail. And you definitely need that cocktail to drive the NJTPK!!! I avoid it at all costs…..Once I was driving a 2 door speck to Newark Airport and accidentally got into the “Truck lane”. I seriously thought my life was going to end that day. “Woman dies, Squished like a bug by an 18 wheeler” the headline would have read. Hang in there….try those Therma Care -all day heat pad things….they’re thin, can be worn under your clothes and actually work pretty well. Hang in there!!

  • Meleah

    Chef Mom:

    It was definitely THAT .2 email!

    I have to drive on the NJTPK every day twice a DAY… I wrote a post how I feel about THAT… you can find it HERE.

    The Muscle Relaxers mix in quite well with my cafe-mocha-latte-vodka-valium-xanax-cocktail

    Thanks for the Therma Care idea… Maybe Ill get one at lunch!

  • Ouch! But thank GAWD you didn’t bust your bust! 😉

  • Meleah


    Actually I feel pretty good right now. (thank you pills) And yes, I would FREAK out if I busted a BUST. (these were very expensive)

  • OMG! I loved your letter to the Turnpike…she is a whore!! I don’t know how you do it, twice a day everyday. I agree, cocktails and freeprizes IF you make it to your destination! Too funny! Feel better!

  • Meleah

    HA HA HA HA…thanks Chef Mom, I guess we BOTH have a knack for rants, your Rachel Ray had me in stitches!

  • Feel better, Mel! Hey, while you are a “captive” audience, sign my petition to abolish winter time time so it isnt dark both ways. It’s on digg and my blog today too. Send it to your friends!

    petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?KEEPSMMR&1 🙂

  • Bossy is nominating you for a Weblog Award for Best Alternate Hand Blog.

  • Meleah


    Thanks for the nomination.


    Am I a captive audience or a stalker…? ha ha ha…Okay. I will be more than happy to sign the petition and digg it. PS..these muscle relaxers are fan-fucking-tastic. I should take them EVERYDAY.

  • Jodi

    I have been trying to comment all day!

    and you have left me utterly speechless…Just in your kindness, this friendship here…and now this…I owe you much gratitude…

    Thank you my dear sweet friend!

  • Cool! We’re injury buddies! I pulled something fierce in my back this morning and can barely walk. I think I might stay home tomorrow…

  • Meleah


    You don’t owe me a THING. I cant wait to READ YOUR BOOK! Just 5-7 business days till its in my little hands! 🙂 but this friendship is great!!


    Damn dood. That blows. I feel your pain, literally.

  • OH! I hate it that you’re in pain. Keep popping those relaxers. Hope you feel better soon. 85mph? Wow, I would love to drive that fast, I don’t think its possible where I live (traffic and all that ….)

  • Oh…you sure it wasn’t from the Arm Wrestling National Championships you participated in?

    Oppps…I wasn’t supposed to tell was I?

  • Crikey!I’m terribly sorry to hear about your neck. I wish you well and hope your neck relaxes soon.

    Warmest regards ~ Graham



  • Thank God for kick ass *muscle relaxers* 😉

  • Meleah


    I do feel better as long as I keep taking these muscle relaxers. Thanks for the well wishes.


    Damn. My secret is out!!


    Thank you!


    I guess you saw the 9 million new pictures! Thanks. Love you back.


    Oh Yes. Thank g-d & my doctor for his handy prescription pad.

  • I can use some of those relaxers. I am at a ridiculously high level of stress. Hope the aches and pains pass you soon.

  • Sorry about your neck. I’d rub you down, I mean rub your neck to ease the stiffness. I hate it when that happens and always happens because of stress.

    One hand typing, lol (no comment). Hope you feel better soon. Really.

  • Mmmmm, muscle relaxants sound awesome. And one-handed typing – you crack me up! Hope the pain eases soon.

  • Gee Meleah, that’s some skill, the one handed typing thing … LOL!Happy weekend to you …

  • Meleah


    I hope it passes soon too. It takes me an HOUR to friggen comment with my one hand typing and LEFTY. Annoying.


    Aww.. Thank you


    I love these muscle relaxers, but they worked much better yesterday than today.


    It is really hard. It takes FOREVER to write a sentence all LEFT handed typing. You will never know the grammatical errors and misspelled words that I have had to retype a billion times. Not fun.

  • Hope you have a nice time on those kick ass muscle relaxers! Take care of that neck of yours!

  • I HATE stiff necks and pulled muscles in my shoulder and upper back. I completely and utterly sympathize with you. Heating pad…massage.

  • I LOVE me some muscle relaxers. Please share any spares!

  • You’re as bad as me. As I was reading I was thinking–what kind of drugs should I recommend:)


  • Hi and ouch… the worse is the constant discomfort its terribly annoying even when the pain isn’t there the discomfort is horrid.

  • Meleah


    I am and I will!


    Ah yes. Heating pad has been KEY in feeling better.

    Laurie Anne:

    These are the GREATEST invention EVER. I doubt I will have any ‘spares’ as I still have tons of packing, lifting, moving furniture. I have a feeling I will be needing every single one…plus a REFILL




    Hey sweety! I have missed you soooo much.

    Yep. Not being able to get comfortable SUCKS ass.

  • Ouch! And here I’ve been complaining about my Red Tide-induced cold. Don’t I feel like a shitty friend! Hope you feel better soon. Glad you have family to help take care of you.

  • Meleah

    Aww… Thanks Stealthy!! xxoo

  • A ‘lefty post through the pain’?
    Very, very impressive. Makes me wonder what my excuse is for not blogging much anymore!!!

  • Please enojoy those muscle relaxers for me too! I miss mine…

  • Hope you are feeling better and can type more soon, I just got hooked on your blog and am needin a fix!

    Thanks for the good advise on a plastic surgeon, I am not ready yet but I think my tummy is going to need tuckin for sure when I drop the rest of my weight!

  • Meleah


    It was harder to leave comments than write this post lefty. At least I had spell check to do a lot of the work for me. Commenting took a long ass time.


    I am enjoying them indeed!


    I am feeling better! Thanks! Aww…I’m glad you are hooked on my blog…I’m here, posting away. I just never post on the weekends! When you are ‘ready’ I’d be happy to share some other plastic surgery ‘tips’ with you!

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