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Just Another Manic Monday

I was awoken on Monday morning by the most obnoxious racket On The Planet. The dreaded ringing of my alarm clock. That is a sound I have not heard in four weeks.

And to just for the record, ‘F*ck That Noise’.

I bumped into my father mid-hallway on the way to grab some much needed coffee. Jokingly, he said, “Hey! Morning Mel!” (All sorts of chipper like.) “Going back to work today? Do you remember how to get there?” (With a plastered grin on his face.)

“Yes.” I said. (With a permanent scowl on my face.) “I most certainly remember how to get there.”

While I was sulking in the shower I remember just how much I hated that drive. I remembered just how much I hated my desk, the emails, the phone calls, the PC computer, the fax machine, the bad lighting and even the scanner. I remembered the incessant requests and unbelievable demands. By the time I got out of the shower I had worked myself up into such a state that it took three whole cigarettes to calm me down.

Alas, I forged ahead and faced The Return To The Office.

Fortunately, my first drive back on the NJTPK wasn’t that bad.


When I arrived in the office (experiencing culture shock) I was greeted with kind words, “Welcome Backs” and “How Are You Feeling” from everyone around me. The only answer I could muster up was, “I am starving, angry and tired, but thank you for asking”.

The day moved pretty quickly. It was almost nice. Until I hit that brick wall of exhaustion at 2pm. I went from productive working individual to a glazed-eyed semi-catatonic state. And I was completely useless by 3pm.

I just kept making mistake after mistake after mistake. I am going to make a handy suggestion here. I propose that for the duration of the week, when I begin to hit the crash stage, I probably shouldn’t rate any more accounts since half of the information was input incorrectly. (The ‘hot mess’ I made yesterday, should be a ‘real treat’ to try and fix today.)

Even though my doctor suggested that I only work three days this week, I feel that it is more important to get my body back on a regular schedule and routine. (Not to worry people. I wont push things too hard.) Therefore, I have derived a solution. I would prefer to work all 5 days this week, and leave early at 3pm each day. This way I can get used to functioning at full capacity. I will reassess how I am feeling One Day At A Time. I know my body pretty well. If I feel like I am getting my ass kicked too much I will slow things down and stay home.

Anyway, for the most part, my first day ‘Back To Work’ was semi-decent. Even the ride home from the office was (dare I say) pleasant. There are No People on the NJTPK at 3pm compared to the masses at rush hour.

But, I literally collapsed the minuet I walked through the door of my house. I felt as if I had been run over by a Mac Dump Truck. Every fiber of my being was screaming to get back into bed. And that’s just what I did.

I may be light on posting and commenting this week. Depending on how I feel. Right now, I need to get re-acclimated simply to working and commuting again, which may leave me with little to no energy leftover to construct a sentence, or hold a thought in my head. We’ll see.

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  • well don’t push it.. you are too fragile at this point and it will just set you back….

  • Great to hear you are back to work, but don’t do too much. You don’t want to wear yourself out!!

  • Ditto what paisley said. Just the drive alone on the NJTPK would send my ass back to bed! I think you made the right decision though. You know what time you’re wiped out and to your job, it looks good that you’re outting the effort into coming in everyday. Hang in there!!!

  • Meleah

    Im trying to take it slow. I had no idea how exhausting just being in the office would be.

    Mrs. Schmitty!
    HI! Ive missed you! I promise I wont over-do-it

    Chef Mom:
    I know that NJTPK is a killer, but surprisingly, there were NO PEOPLE yesterday. It was lovely. But this morning? Fucking Night Mare. I might not make it till 3pm in the office today.

  • Take your time with it. Your health comes first. I’m sure you’ll get back into full swing in due course.

    Didn’t know you were so close to NY. I should have known better considering Ricardo’s invite. Hello Neighbor.

  • Sadly, you just described my mood and entrance into the office EVERY Monday morning..and tuesday…and wednesday…and, well you get the point.

  • Take it easy…pushing too hard is not healthy. Take it a slow even pace.

  • Meleah

    This is Kicking My Ass.
    And oh yeah…I live about 45 minuets away from NYC.

    Michael C:
    Ditto. Double Ditto.

    Im trying to take it easy….but I didn’t realize that just the simple interaction with so many people could be so taxing.

  • Here’s hoping you do a little better each day. Take it slow. Take it easy. Hang in there.

  • Baby steps, honey. Baby steps.

  • Meleah

    I am okay-ish (although fuzzy headed) when I have an account to work on, but when there is downtime? I could practically pass out on my desk. I hope I can / will make it until 3pm today.

    That line always makes me think of the movie with Richard Dreyfuss & Bill Murray ‘What About Bob’.

  • I wish you a smooth transition back into your week and am hoping that you don’t over-do!

  • You’re smart to listen to your body and do what you know is best for you.

  • Are you still working on the work-from-home proposal?? I’ll sign a petition or something. THAT needs to happen!

  • I think everyone crashes about that time…or after X amount of hours depending on their work schedule. Hopefully things will start improving as time goes on. How long were you out of work?

  • Hugs to you, chica. Get better.

  • i get sleepy and useless around the same time too. i think the work hours are too freaking long. we should stay no later than 4….3:30 is ideal.

  • … mmm, I guess that explains all those faxes without the required TPK cover sheets on them, didn’t you get the memo? 😉

  • Good to see you getting back in the swing..I suggest leaving at 3 everyday from now on..just say it was Doctor redneck’s orders…:)))

  • Work sucks. I feel your pain. But I’m glad you are getting back into the swing of things. And healthy or not I hit a wall at 3 PM.

  • Meleah

    Thanks sweety!! xxoo

    Well, I have learned Not To Argue with my body anymore. Thats a battle I cant win. 🙂

    I was denied. Flat Out DENIED. I might have to start shopping around for some new options.

    I was out for 4 weeks with mono and I am NOT fully recovered. Not that I am ever capable of working these hours without that afternoon crash….but this is making it a little tougher for me.

    Hugs back baby. I have been a BAD FRIEND. *Note to self: pack that book in my bag for scanning at work tomorrow. xxoo xxoo

    Yes! I couldn’t agree more. The regular work force hours are ridiculously too long. I think we all need to implement the kindergarden schedule which included daily NAPS.

    Damn. I missed that memo

    Can I get that in writing with a raised notarized stamp?

    Yes. Working in an office REALLY does suck. I think the country needs a nap at 3pm!

  • Please take it easy. And I agree with Michael, that’s just how I feel going to work every morning. God, he makes me laugh. I am glad you can finish at 3PM, though. Hope that makes a difference.

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