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Just A Little Teary Eyed Today

Maybe it is because both of my brothers had their babies last week (Mason & Zaibryn) so I am still overwhelmed with emotional joy from the whole experience. Maybe I just have PMS? Or maybe I am all kinds of teary eyed today because I spent the weekend cleaning out my house. I have begun the process of packing.

I also had to write and send my landlord the email. The one explaining I would not be able to renew my upcoming lease, because I have to move back home. While I have come to accept and embrace the idea of moving back in with my mother and father, writing that letter to my landlord….seeing those words in print….and throwing out a bunch of belongings that wont be coming with me, has made everything so final. This is not just some idea anymore. This is really happening.

Oh, well. At least after I move in with my parents I wont feel like the guy in the green shirt anymore:


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  • Here’s to hoping that you never have to feel like any kind of GUY again – green shirt or not.

  • Loz

    Dear Mel – things will work out you know. Sometimes even positive change is painful – from one who knows πŸ™‚

  • A big hug to you.

  • awww… babies make us emotional. It’s a girl thang! πŸ˜‰
    I’m the guy in the green shirt too…. you are doing the right thing… money problems can make me physically sick πŸ™

  • Jason:

    As always thanks for making me laugh. πŸ™‚


    Thank you. Like I said, at least I can look forward to shopping one day soon. I already have a list of ‘presents’ I plan on buying FOR MYSELF.


    Much needed. xxoo


    Oh please money issues totally make me sick. Plus packing my house has been much more emotionally taxing than I expected. And you add the JOY of the babies and I am on a rollercoaster of highs and lows. I am all over the place!

  • I agree with Dawn – I always get emotional around babies – and money can make us sick and crazy!

  • I want to just *itch slap the guy in the brown. My boyfriend is like that. He’s never had a problem finding work because he’s so talented that he has employers contacting HIM asking if he’s interested in a job. I am barely scraping by and he doesn’t understand for the life of him why I can’t find something better within a day. He doesn’t get that jobs don’t just fall out of the sky for most people and gives Peter Pan advice…. GRRRRR!

    Anyway, I think it’s the babies making you so emotional. They have a way of doing that.

  • Beth:

    Yes. It sure can.


    Ha Ha! I know Me too! I hate those types.

    Yep. It has to be the babies. Plus, I am mid constructionof making a little video present for baby Mason, and the song alone (the one I am using for the theme) reduces me to tears in a matter of seconds!

  • Keep your chin up Meleah! The best of times is yet to come.

  • Oy. Sorry. Maybe spin the whole thing on its ear and look at it as a time of extreme load-lightening. Sounds great actually. Sigh.

  • Dazd:

    I know. I know.


    Yeah.. it is kind of nice to get rid of the garbage…and I am looking forward to all the EXTRA fundage ($$ ) to buy NEW shit….like a NEW DIGITAL CAMERA.

  • Hang in there. Moving ranks up there as one of the top life stressors. This move has all kinds of stuff associated with it that just cranks up the emotional level. More hugs and wishes for really great days to come!

  • Yo Momma

    the babies still have me kaflempt. i watched the mason movie 4 times already and cried every time.

  • The best friend

    I AM LAUGHING A THAT GUY IN THE GREEN SHIRT. AND YOU. AND COFEE FILTERS. AND…OH MEL, Dont worry. You’ll be fine. I was shocked when I realized I will finally have a part of YOU over here…when whatever doesnt go to storage comes here. Its going to be awesome, and super relaxing. I cried over Adam and Mason…These guys are bff already. Adam & Mason…Adam & Mason. And Traci & Mason…and Mason & Mason & Mason…OMG he look like Adam…this is going to be awesome! xox

  • Yo Momma


  • Meleah


    Thank you. yes, moving alone is stressful…add THAT to moving IN with your parents and you may temporarily lose control over your emotions.


    I love you. But, just wait till you see the REVISED / FINAL / BETTER edition of the movie.

    The Best Friend Jennifer:

    The guy in the green shirt RULES.

    You will be getting my entire living room. This way when I come to visit you (hide out from my parents on the weekends) it will feel like I am back in MY own living room.

    Mason MOVIE to follow shortly. Adam & Traci are amazing parents. You think you cried over these pictures….just wait for the MOVIE. I cant even make it because I have to stop and cry!!

  • It is a cathartic experience, letting go.
    All will be well.
    You’ll see.
    You are moving to a more comfortable life, Meleah.

    Hugs. Kisses.


  • HollyGL

    Meleah, I was actually thinking about that very “money will follow” thing as I was getting ready for work this morning. I’m still trying to figure that one out. Figuring out what I’d “love” to do for work, that would stand any chance of generating a great income. I think you’re on the right track with your writing, though.

    As far as your current transition. I know its hard. Trust me, I do. But I promise you, once its done, you will feel an enormous sense of relief and rebirth. Just remember to breath as its taking place, and you’ll get through it even better than you think.

  • The best friend

    That Mason! 1 week old and hes already got us on an emotional rollercoaster, Awww for JEEEZ!

    his lil scrunched up face.

  • Just remember — it’s all good and it’s all temporary and think how much quality time your son will get with his grandparents. Quality time with my grandparents taught me how to cuss, yell at people and watch Jeopardy. See, he’ll be fine πŸ˜‰

  • Meleah


    Thank You. It is cathardic. Hugs to you sicky. Feel better soon!


    I love you. You always know just what to say to make me feel better

    The Best Friend:

    Please. The song I am using in the “Mason video’ is KILLING ME. Not to mention the photos and video footage….. *tears falling from my eyes as I type this.*

  • Hey girl! Hi and hugs and all that! I got the House Guest to go away for the day and tonight and have been writing my ASS off. Still. There is another fresh entry on the writing blog as we speak. Call me miz productive today.

    anyway – I love you and I love and I love you. forever. and like you for always. as long as I’m living….

  • Hugs Hugs Hugs.

    No words….cuz you know what’s up and how f-ed up its gonna keep feeling…..Until, of couse, after the first month you’ve lived with MOM & DAD and realize there’s no bloody rent to pay….then we gonna P A R T Y!!

    Love to my Louise.
    PS: …I feel like I’ve been neglecting all my blogging buddies. If I don’t comment (or post, for that matter!!) don’t give up on me!! I’ll always come back!

    JASON-GORILLA SUSHI–thanks for making me laugh too!

  • Meleah

    Michael C:

    HA HA HA HA…Oh thank you! I will keep that in mind on MOVING DAY.


    You are like a super hero. I cant even with HG…wtf? I love you too, and miss you SOOOO much.


    I never feel neglected by you. You are my Thelma forever. And Oh yeah… We have to have another BI-COASTAL PAR-TAY after I am free from the 1850 a month rent bondage.

  • DOOOOD we commented simultaneously!!!

  • Meleah



    we are doing it again

    its like Instant Messaging

    *How fucking funny is JASON? Seriously. Jason and Michael C. ALWAYS make me laugh out loud for real.

  • For music, may I suggest Billy Joel’s ‘Movin Out.’ I’d suggest the Beatles ‘She’s Leaving Home,’ but it’s kind of the opposite here and really invokes a much different meaning. I should probably stop saying stuff like that though, huh?

  • Meleah

    Michael C:

    Hell no. Thats the kind of stuff that keeps me GOING.

  • Well, then how about ‘She Came in Through The Bathroom Window???’

  • Hang in there, sometimes we have to take one step back before we can take two steps forward.


  • Meleah

    Michael C:

    More like “She Jumped OUT Of A Three Story Bathroom Window” after her parents became too controlling…


    Yup. I got that.

  • FV

    My dear Mel, you will be fine!! parents aren’t that bad at all. Also, think about it this way; we are all moving back with you!!! So don’t think for a second you are doing it by yourself!!



  • girl,, i know this is hard,, but this is the first step in the rest of your life… i have moved so many f’ing times,, and as you know,, it is always the stating place for something new and different,,, and who knows…. maybe even wonderful!!!!! love youXXOO

  • This has got to be so hard. I’m sorry you were down, just know that you are doing this for you. You need to take care of yourself! I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  • Yes, definitely! That one has a much better beat!!

  • Let me say this again in case you have wax in your ear, you are loved dearly by us and we are with you in every step together.

    Now, oh thank God for letting me know that Malach is in the same camp as I am when it comes to crying! You know what, when I’m overwhelmed with emotions, I use a plastic tub to collect my “tear” water so I can water my plants! No kidding!


  • Meleah


    Thats very true. I certainly wont be alone. I have the best peeps RIGHT here to lean on


    I know, but still…

    Ms Schmitty:

    Ill feel better in a day or so. I mean I was fine with everything…until I started packing and letting my landlord know. It just made me a little ….emotional…

    Michael C:

    Im sure YOU will be able to make up some LYRICS to our new titled song (for me)… when I need to find a way to deal with being there!!


    Thank you for you never ending support!

    Really? Tears make plants grow? I could have planted a forest this weekend.

  • I am working on a kick ass mad rhyme for ‘controlling parents’ right now.

  • This must have been really hard for you and I’m sorry it happened. But you’ll bounce back in time. Just be patient with it and really use this form a launch pad for better stuff. This all sounds like lip service but it’s not. Use this time to regroup. I have no doubt one day people will be coming to you for a place to crash for a bit.

  • Meleah


    I cant WAIT for that!


    Im okay. Thank you so much for your concern and support.

  • Least I can do. Glad you’re good to go.

  • Even though you’ve already decided to move back home there’s always that moment of stark reality that leaves you breathless (like telling your landlord you won’t be renewing your lease.) Just think of how much easier it’ll be for you in a few months, though. You are definitely doihg the right thing.
    BTW, I absolutely LOVE THOSE BABIES!!!!! THey are adorable.

  • Meleah




    Yes. It was just a moment. It hit me hard, and passed quickly.

    The babies? Im IN LOVE all over. I cant take it. I hope you will see the movie when I post it this week!!

  • Sometimes the best things happen to us disguised. It will be a start of an amazing journey for you…. Change always brings dynamic things in tow with it. Here’s wishing you all the best

  • Meleah


    Thats very true. Big changes are a coming thats for sure….

  • It’s crazy isn’t it, how seeing something in print makes something more real? So, to reassure yourself, make a list of everything that convinced you to make the final decision of living with Mom & Dad again. When you see all of THAT in print, your head should be able to refocus on the adorable new members of the family that will get to see multiple relatives in one place!

  • Sounds like a lot of changes at one time. I think I would have broken out in hives at this point. Here’s my hug :HUUUUUGGGGG: πŸ™‚

  • Meleah


    Yes. Its like not an ‘idea’ anymore. Its not just words in the air. Its FINAL. I think making a list is a GREAT idea. Thanks!


    There has been ALOT going on over here. Sometimes it feels like more than I can handle.

  • you know it could be worse; your parents could be moving in with you. That would be worse for me anyways…good luck with packing! first time here just had to have a looksie πŸ™‚

  • Meleah

    welcome to my world Plain Jane.

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