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Just A Joke.

I am beaten down.


All I have for you today is a “JERSEY GIRL” joke. (One that I did NOT write).

Since I am from New Jersey…AND….since I know people that would really say this…here is a Hell Yeah to all my Jersey Peeps joke that rings true for the armpit of the country, “Garden State.”

A girl from New Jersey and a girl from the West Coast, were seated side by side on an airplane.

The girl from New Jersey , being friendly and all said, “So, where ya from?”

The West Coast girl said, “From a place where they know better than to use a preposition at the end of a sentence.”

The girl from New Jersey , sat quietly for a few moments and then replied:

“So, where ya from…. bitch?”

[* I am over on MeleVision for Thursdays Trivia game.]

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  • abso-fucking-lutely… i am not from jersey… but i am east coast born and bread,, and this hoity toity shit makes me sick… thank god i am alone in my solitude every waking moment i am not at work… do you know you cant even flash your tits in the biker bars out here… WTF… i just don’t get it….. and god help me if i ever do!!!!!!

  • Ha! I love it!!!

  • I love it!! Jersey Girls Rock!

  • Ha I had a good laugh 🙂

  • HAHAHAHA funny!

    And that offer still stands if you figure out how to make the logistics work, darling. Hell, just see if the train goes here on Friday and how much $$ – they have bathrooms…. 🙂 and did you get the MizPee link???? OMG, they made that for YOU I swear. 🙂

  • Yeah, I needed that today.

  • Hey Meleah how you feeling sweetie?

  • Thank God for laughter!!
    I do hope you are feeling at least a little better, darling xox

  • Hey Mereb. I’ve had a day myself – of course a cake walk by comparison – but I just wanted to know I was thinking of you. xoxo

  • I am so culturally out of it I was not aware there were Jersey girl jokes. Always been a group I rather admire, all except that chick on American Idol with the Girl Gone Wild pics:)


  • Meleah

    Im glad I was able to give you all a nice laugh!

  • classic!

  • Meleah


  • Meleah

    Thanks to everyone who participated in MeleVisons trivia game this week!

  • Hysterical!
    I just clicked over from your other site (off the pole)… which I had clicked to from cre8buzz. (Jersey girl here, too)

  • So funny! And since I’ve lived in both places, Jersey, and now the west coast, I appreciate it even more! Good one!

  • Where they cute? j/k Funny joke, lol!

  • Love it byatch!

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