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JCH Quotes

Every once in a while my son JCH will say something, out of the blue, that completely makes me laugh out loud. I will never forget the day (about two years ago) when I was driving home while he was in the backseat of my car. Apparently, I was mumbling or complaining about all of the tasks on my ‘To Do’ list – out loud. I must have really been going on and on about it, because all of a sudden I hear my son chime into the conversation I was having with myself. And he quoted direct from Dumb & Dumber.

Here’s how that went down:

Me: “It never ends. It just never ends. I still have to go to the store, and pick up the dry cleaning. Is it 6 pm already? I’m never going to get home before 7, and I still have to make dinner, and put away the groceries, and vacuum…”

JCH: “And Our Pets Heads Are Falling Off.”

* I swear on everything holy, it was impossible to be stressed or angry after his impeccable timing and delivery of that line. *

And just today he ‘got me’ again. I called home to find out how his day at camp went. This was pretty much our phone conversation:

Me: Hey JCH. How was camp today?

JCH: Good.

Me: So what’s up?

JCH: Gas Prices.

Me: Right…
Damn. it. I walked right into that one.

Hmm…I wonder just how long he’s been waiting for me to set him up for that joke?

Okay. Thats it for me this week people. I am packing it up and packing it in, and I am heading over to that Hotel I’ve been talking about.

I am having a major surge of “Need To” work on “MY BOOK” attack. And when the muse strikes I cant turn my back on that!

I will be bringing my journals, outlines, a carton of cigarettes, Chapters 1-18, my Mac, and I plan on staying holed up in the Hotel until I can get a better handle on few parts of The Book outline.

Who knows, if all goes well, ya’ll will have something new to read on that blog come Monday-ish!!

Wish me luck. And Have A Great Weekend Everyone.

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  • JCH has a sense of humor. You need that from your kid, since they don’t come with jobs, they might as well entertain you, make you laugh and take your mind off “stuff to do” lol.

    I have to LOL at some of the stuff my kid says, the one who recently offered to help me break my leg so I could stay home from work….I was thinking out loud about not wanting to go. I let her go down the stairs first now

    Well girlfriend, work on your book or relax. Have a great weekend. We are supposed to have great weather here in NJ. I’m putting in my pre-order for this book, okay?

  • JCH has a wonderful sense of humour just like his Mum. I am soooo excited you are working on the book this weekend. I wish you all the best with it. You have inspired me to do the same. Happy writing!

  • OOOOHHHHH….a regular smart ass! I LOVE it!

  • you go meleah.. i think it is an excellent idea,, and i know the adults only time can just do you good…

  • the best friend

    do it up girl! get her done!

  • We’re pulling for you!

  • JCH rules.

    I hope you write up a storm. You must share some with us after you come back.

  • What an awesome kid!
    Good luck!

  • Meleah

    Thank god my son is funny.
    Otherwise I may have killed him by now.
    Yes, You can consider your comment as a pre order for my book.

    Good. You need to write your book too.
    Its a writing date/deal for the weekend!

    Mrs Schmitty:
    he he he


    Angry Man:
    Thanks dood

    Roger That

    JCH is the best kid. Ever.
    I will share with everyone on Monday
    I am really excited about getting back to the book!

    Thank you sweetheart!

  • Your son has comic timing. Very dry wit. That is a wonderful thing to have. With a little more sarcasm I’d call him a New Yorker.

    Best of luck to you. I know when you feel that itch to right you best scratch it.

  • Tiffany

    ok since im not going to the hotel with you guys can we get some of that mexican resteraunt together first???

  • Meleah

    Thats My Boy!

    mmmm. Esconditios is the bomb.
    But we aren’t staying at the Radisson.
    They were all booked up.
    We are going to another undisclosed location

  • Jay

    I love it when kids have a quick wit and good sense of humour! Your JCH is very sharp! It’s a sign of intelligence, you know!

    I have one son who is just sooo funny on a daily basis, I keep telling him he should go into stand-up comedy but he won’t. It’s getting to be a real family joke. He says he doesn’t want to do that, he wants to make a lot of money, and I say something like ‘I wonder how much Billy Connolly* is worth these days?’

    * (insert name of favourite stand-up comedian here if you don’t know who Billy Connolly is)

  • It sounds like JCH is great at saying just the right thing to calm you down at times. And I see a stand-up comic opportunity in his future.

    Good luck this weekend. I hope it’s very productive. Have fun!

  • Right on, Meleah! You’re right about that Muse. She waits for no one. I can’t wait to read on Monday-ish.

    You have a terrific weekend, too, Sweetie.

  • Oh, I HEART JCH! 🙂

    Have a GREAT weekend!!! xoxo

  • LOL … you gotta admire his patience to wait for it , 😉

  • FV

    when someone asks me “what’s up” my responce is:

    The sky and the stars, what is it to you!

    or when someone asks ” how did you sleep” I would say ” laying down, how else?”

    or my favorite…….

    Where are you from?? ,…… ” my mother” who else!



  • I thought JCH is hilarious. Man, I gotta try that gas prices thing on someone real soon. That’s an excellent one. Oh and good luck on the book. Happy weekend too 😀

  • Meleah

    Stand Up comedians can make a TON of money.
    Look at Chris Rock. Or, Dane Cook.
    I mean…Hello?

    My boy is the best at getting me out of my funk. He’s too funny for his own good.
    Unfortunately, I am NOT having the productive weekend I planned.

    Something has come up and I cannot write a single sentence as a result of the situation I am dealing with. Thankfully, I have all of your blogs to read to get me out of my own head (and drama).

    My plans have been thwarted.
    Um, its a very long story and not really ‘internet appropriate’
    I will email you.
    However my weekend is not completely ruined, since I have everyone’s blogs to read.

    JCH is the bombinatrix
    Hope your having a splendid weeeknd.

    Drowsey Monkey:
    I know! Right?
    My son has more patience than I will ever have!

    Cute. Very cute.

  • Young people have such a great sense of perception. What we gain in knowlege and character as we grow older is many time offset by cynicism and the keen ability to see stress in every situation. It sounds like your son is able to inject insightful humor with impromtu timing and wit! Amazing how a simple sentence can impart such a huge meaning sometimes … qualities that a good writer imparts on every page, no??

    Your planned weekend sounded like a dream 2 days – I then see in your comments something has your unexpected attention. Hope you can turn the corner and still find a moment for your book Meleah 🙂

    I have been so crazy busy, and miss the “blogging” contacts that I have met on-line. For the past 4 weeks my days have been overwhelming and exhausting. My mind cannot recall ever putting in so many hours at work in all my life! What happened to the 80’s when I could work 40 hours and be comfortable?? Life should get easier as we ride along it’s winding road …. oh well 😉

    Thanks for your recent comments – I’ll try and stop in more often.

    BIG Hollydale hug and a Laurel & HARDY hand shake. May the winds of literary passion blow in from the South!!!!!!!!!

  • Hope the writing and weekend is going great!!

  • Your working on a book? Writing a book? I hope you have an inspiring weekend.

    You have been Tagged! See my blog for details. ;o)

  • Will you come to Paris and have a weekend writathon with me and my book? Pleez? What a great thing to have someone else work with you.

    And…I laughed out loud when I read that all your pets’ heads are falling off. What a visual. That is great.

    And…why do you vacuum at all? That’s my philosophical question of the day. I vacuum when I move out of a place. 🙂

  • Kids they are hilarious. Except when they start telling relatives what you say about them when they aren’t around 🙂

  • Lee

    Kids say the darndest things!! 😀

    You just reminded me of my youngest son’s first visit after I moved to North Carolina. He was 9 or 10 years old. We went to the coast for a couple of days and took a day cruise on a “Pirate Ship”. We were sitting there watching the scenery when all of a sudden a pirate swooped down on a rope from overhead, brandished his sword at Aaron and growled, “Arrrrrrrrrgggghhhh”, in his best pirate growl. Aaron didn’t miss a beat and replied, “S-T-U-V.” The pirate was laughing so hard he almost fell overboard, along with everyone else who was close enough to hear.

  • Big round of applause to JCH, that kid is great 🙂

    And Meleah, hope your writing is going well.

  • Harry


    Sounds like something Ron (Pops) would say!


  • the best friend

    “things that are iffy”

  • JCH is a riot!! What a quick wit he has. I am missing you something fierce! I have to update my blog….finally for the first time in 3 weeks I can sit and type. I will update later. I hope this writing weekend went well!!! xxoo

  • Meleah

    Thanks darling. And yes, my plans were crushed and I was unable to write a sentence.

    Yeah.Um. Check your emails.

    I dont know if I will get to do the tagg, but I will check it out. and yes, I have been working on my book fr what seems like an eternity and I am not getting very far.

    I would LOVE to come to Paris and write with you. Are you kidding me? Im packing my bags right now!

    *(No Mom, I am not really running off to Paris)*

    Oh My. I hope JCH keeps his mouth shut about all of my gossiping.

    ha ha ha ha ha
    Now thats too funny

    JCH = rocks
    My Book? = Not So Much


    I Love Fully “Things That Are Iffy”
    and that we made up a ton of new jokes.

    Chef Mom:
    Miss YOU like crazy too. Geez! Whats happening over there!

  • Thats pretty funny! My son has done that many times too. And your reactions really make thier day I’m sure. Its nice you have that great relationship with him. Embrace it!

  • his a a quick draw. Love that kid. The Gas is killing me. I can’t take it. I want a moped or something.

  • Meleah

    I am pretty close to my son , but he is 12 and in that too cool to hang out with me anymore phase. Thats why I have to hang on to any morsel of communication he wants to throw my way. And he is pretty damn funny.

    Love my boy. Gas is killing me too. Along with the cost of a gallon of milk.

  • Jen

    That lil JCH is a real piece of work. 🙂
    He continues to crack me up with his smart-alec remarks.
    wait till he’s in high school…there’ll be no controlling him LOL!

  • Meleah

    Jen Rinaldi:
    He is the light of my life.
    I know he will be a Good Man when he grows up

  • Okay, so THIS is why it’s a bummer reading your blog backwards. I already know the sad ending. *sigh*. I was hoping you’re “getting it done” would inspire me to BEGIN. You know, like page one. Hell, sentence one.

  • Meleah


    Its such a shame too. I was stone cold READY and FIRED UP to dive in head first.

    Oh well. There is always = THIS WEEKEND.

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