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JCH 1st day of school, 5th Grade

I can not go without recognizing what day today is, however, I do not want to write anything on or about 9/11. There are a ton of smart
funny and sad blogs today… I know it was the saddest and scariest day in history that I was alive to witness. That being said…

JCH 1st day of school, 5th Grade:

Phone rings at work 2:35pm… it’s my boy, JCH…

(This is all the information I was able to obtain from an antsy child who is having his first year, without after-care. The first year, when he gets home from school, can go play with his friends, instead of being in a gym, from 2pm when school let out until 5:30-6pm depending on traffic, when I was able to get to the school to pick him up.)

Jch-Hi! Mommy, can I go ride my bike?

Me-Hey hey, slow down, how was the first day of school?
Jch-Good, good…

Me-Did you get to see Miss G.?
JCH- Yeah, I was like her messenger, like, 4 times, but, can I go ride my bike?

Me- Was she happy to see you
Jch- Duh!
Me- Gee, Sorry….

Me- So, what was your new teacher like?
Jch- Well, let’s just say that she is very experienced, Seriously mom, can I go ride my bike?

Me- In a minuet…how was the bus ride home, everything went okay? You knew where to go? You weren’t nervous.
Jch- No, it was easy, no more after care is cool.

Me- Did Poppa-Sye get you from the bus, or did he wait for you at the house?
Jch- He waited at the house like Grandma told him to.

Me- Do you have any of the same kids in your class as last year?
Jch- Yes Mom, (irritated) but I want to go outside and ride my bike now!
(This from the kid who refused to learn how to ride a bike until he was 8)

Jch-Mom, who invented school anyway?
Me- A really smart person who wanted other people to be smart
(Clearly I have run out of creative answers when I don’t know the real one)

Jch- Uh, can we talk about this later, Can I go ride my bike…?

Me- (pause) OKAY, go, go… ride your bike, we’ll talk tonight
Jch-Yeah Mommy, and, YOU! have homework… Bye!

Nice talking to you too…

Later that day, when I finally got home…I did have homework, about 17 forms, waivers and rule agreements to read and sign (they sure try to get people to join that P.T.A.).

Over dinner JCH was more forthcoming with information, he had a good first day, he likes the teacher and there are a few kids in his class that he had be-friended last year. All in all a sucessful day.

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