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Ive been Tagged…It’s a Wonderful Life Meme


I never do Memes, never, but, I have been tagged by Greg’s Brain to list 10 things that make my life wonderful…so I guess I must!

(his are very funny read them HERE)

What makes [my] life wonderful,or what makes my brain happy:

1. My Son
2. Writing
3. My MAC
4. Paid days off from work
5. Sleeping
6. Freshly cleaned house
7. New socks
8. Iced Coffee
9. Things from Abercrombie and Fitch

Now I have to TAG three people, and the winners are:

3.MICHAEL cuz I haven’t played with him in awhile!


And I wrote! something! that makes sence! and has words! and punctuation! and has a point over HERE

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  • Gregory A. Becerra

    I thought I was on your list for a second. But, hey, there’s still a picture of me there. And my ego feels heavier considering that never. If only more women would give in that easily.

  • Leslie

    OK, I bit. Hard. But you can’t make me take it seriously and get all mushy and shit. So ner. πŸ˜€


    Love you Melz!

  • meleah rebeccah

    greg: yep, I am easy! and I’m a lazy comments whore!

    leslie: yippee! I love when you play!!

  • webcure – For Your Health :

    Thanks for the tag, it feels good. My hats go off to Mamma Mia for being SUCH a sweet blog!


  • Kim Ayres

    Well if leaving a comment makes your brain happy, then I’m only too pleased to oblige πŸ™‚

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