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Its official, I have moved in here.

For any of my readers that maybe confused or lost, this is my new permanent home. There is no more blogger account for me. I will be posting here. I have done my best to change all the sites I am linked with to this new URL address. Please make note of my new page / URL address as the old one is now just a page marker for this site.

While I love my new pages, I do, can I just say how much I do not like change. Holy Jesus. I am still in the process of trying to get used to all of these new settings, coding, functions, capabilities, uploading, (still having mad issues with sizing photos) and re-entering old links and pictures that may have been deleted during the big move. Unfortunately there are some things that have been deleted which are gone forever. On those older posts, which are missing links or movies, or pictures, there is a statement that says, “sorry, this was lost in the blog move.” And others I just deleted all together. After reading through 400 some posts, I decided to remove quite a few.

Moving has been hard for me, since I am not one to posses much patience and I have little to no technological skills. I went through an upgrade once before, back when I changed from old blogger to new blogger, and I thought that was rough. This upgrade / move was much more difficult. This is a totally different platform all together. No more html codes, things are in php scripts which I barley understand. I even had to change my web browser from Safari to Firefox in order to use this website properly.

I was going through some of the 400 pages on this site entering old links into the texts of these posts, but, seriously, I can’t. It is just too much to reconstruct. Whatever links came over fine, whatever links didn’t make it, too bad. I did add most of my favorite links into the sidebar, but I am sure there are a few I have forgotten, or missed. If I am missing you, send me an email, or leave a comment and I will be happy to add you again!

As for all the movies I used to have embedded on these pages, I have removed them and re-entered them as a links instead. I find that embedded videos really slow down the loading time on my pages. I hate waiting for a decade for pages to load. I know personally when I click on someone else’s blog and it takes a long time to load I just leave the site all together.

As for uploading new pictures in new posts going forward, since I am having so much trouble with sizing these fuckers, I will only be uploading them as thumbnail size. For some reason, I cannot figure out and will not spend another second trying to figure it out, why all of my photos are gigantic. Huge. Massively oversized. When I upload them, they take over my whole page, then, my page gets all whacked and looks like “blog vomit”. So, to prevent further stress and eliminate shit that annoys me, my pictures will be in thumbnail size, but, when you click on the thumbnail picture it becomes giant inside its own window. I wish there was a way I could just drag a picture from iPhoto directly into the text of the posts, because that would make my life so much easier, but, for now, I can live with thumbnails knowing that clicking on them makes them enormous.

My myspace page is also under construction right now because that was / is / does look too busy and sloppy, and much like the new look of this site, and my Mac Pages, I am going for a cleaner simpler look.

The Everyone Needs A Little Evelyn site will also be going (dot com) and leaving blogger, I will be sure to notify the 6 people who care when that happens.

All in all I am very happy with this new page, it is just going to be an adjustment for me to get used to these settings. I’m so glad the major part of this move is over, I hope to work out all the kinks within the next week or so. If you see anything crazy or out of place or whatever, please comment or email so I can try to fix it as soon as possible!

Since I have spent the last how ever many days in here adding, cleaning, uploading, deleting, changing, altering, resizing, ect, I haven’t had any time to read or network with any of the other bloggers I have come to know and I love, I feel so disconnected with the internet and blog world! I miss my interweb peeps! I am off to socialize.

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  • Welcome home chica. You’re a smart cookie – I have no doubt you will be whizzing through the blogosphere like a mad coding machine in no time. I’ll keep teaching, you keep learning. You’re all pro now, baybee!

  • Francisco V.


    Since I will be here quite often I would like to have my Jr. suite with a balcony please so I can see the horizon from here 🙂
    I’m still a bit lost so and yes I did read your whole comment, now I get to e-mail ya!!!

    huggies and congrats!


  • Meleah

    I am HOME, and I love it. I’m glad I just gave up on making myself insane (over nothing) and I think I even like firefox now! change is scary, but usually good.

    and yes wise one, you have MUCH to teach me!

  • Francisco V.

    Oh Mel, mel, mel

    weren’t you using Firefox before?? holy macaroni batman!!! where have you been???




    “the 6 people who care”

    -thats a nice touch.

    & Welcome home Meleah!

    Love your page.

  • Meleah

    FV: I know I am lame, but now I am all “grown up” with internet usage!

    Jen: Thanks ! I am glad you like mah page

  • Francisco V.

    Mel my friend, you are not lame, my mom is 🙂

    You are unique and quite grown up



  • wow… your site looks awesome… i wanna do this too but i am scared.. i know nothing about coding…..i think i better wait till i can have someone build the site for me…..

    once again it is bea-uuuuu-tiful!!!!!!!

  • Meleah

    aww.. thank you

    and yes, I had MAJOR HELP from the best person in the world… (Leslie)

  • AL

    Dear M

    I love the new site. Also, I have a theory about why your uploaded pictures are so big. You, my sweet, are a larger than life human and the web just ain’t big enough for that personality. Just a thought. Enjoy the weekend and I hope some things happen that make you laugh your ass of. That’s what life is for!


  • Meleah


    Yeay! You found me!

    Maybe I am a larger than life person, g-d knows I sure am louder than the rest of the universe!

    I’m glad you like the new site… mad props to my girl Leslie, she damn sure knows how to hook up a page !!

  • Your new place looks great! I’m sure all the headaches of making the change will be worth it. I have “blogger’s remorse” and wish I’d started out with something other than blogspot, but I wanted to get up and running fast, and blogspot did the job. But it is so inflexible and frustrating to customize, so I will probably be moving house one of these days. But not until the summer’s over! Enjoy your new home!

  • Meleah

    Thanks Sharon!

    All I can say is don’t wait tooo long if you plan on moving. The more posts, links, pictures: makes moving harder!

    I wish I had done it sooner! but better late than never!

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