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The Next Vice President?

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  • arv

    lol… well… she talks good 🙂 am not saying anymore..

    take care mate.. cheers…

  • Good photoshop job by someone.

  • Meleah

    Im not saying a word either! But this picture made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.

    Bob G:
    I don’t know if this was photoshopped or if her kids are selling off their photos?

  • Woo Woo!

  • I’d vote for her! That was photoshopped. LOL Gotta Love it!

  • I’d drill her. 😀

    Now, voting for her, well, you’d have to be out of your frailing mind, but that’s another subject for another day. 😀

  • LOL! Photoshopping never even occurred to me. I’m so gullible!

  • I would take her as VP over Joe Biden any day. She’s hot! But between McCain and Obama, I just don’t know….

  • LOL! On the plus side, Meleah, she looks better in a flag bikini than does Dick Cheney, but I’m still not voting for her.

  • I don’t know why people think she’s hot or even “librarian sort of way hot”. She reminds me of Peggy Hill (Hank’s wife).
    And Peggy hill ain’t hot. Duh !

  • Well..the left arm looks oddly colored but I figured it was somehow modified because I can’t imagine her posing like that! Actually, if she did pose like that it’s would show she has a sense of humor! I actually hope that’s her real body because she looks NORMAL not underfed and she even has a normal pooch! Women have pooches! We aren’t meant to be concave in the belly!

    Dave Q: Aren’t many Qs out there. Cool to see another one!

  • God forbid…

  • Could be a nifty composition… but, there’s always the possibility – we have seen far worse happen within the political ranks. Two more months of mayhem before the showdown.

  • No. No. AND HELL NO!

  • I’m sorry. I stole that photo from you and put it on my blog…it fit too good to pass it up. LOL! 😀

  • Ah, I think that I will steel the photo too. Tee Hee

  • She’s got my vote! Not!! 🙂

  • yep, it’s a photoshop … but still funny, lol.

  • Jen

    ahahaaahahah that is soooo photoshopped! LOL!

  • PS’ed or not, that is exactly how I picture her.

  • i cannot believe peta hasn’t come out and attacked her and her love of the hunt… i am not speaking politically,, as i don’t vote,, but just on general principal.. they seem to hate everyone that isn’t just like them……

  • Meleah, you are right…funny comments! What a picture! That’s all I’m sayin’

  • Meleah

    Photoshopped Or Not…this picture is hilarious. And Im not SAYING a word about politics…but I will say these comments are great.

    Me too.

    Dave Q:
    Um. Okay.

    Ha ha

    I dont think she’s hot…and I hate that my beloved TINA FEY who IS hot is being compared to her!!

    Mrs Q:
    I guess this was photoshopped?

    I hear that.

    these are gunna be two long months.



    You are the professional. So I believe you!

    Ha ha ha. You have a wonderful imagination!

    That was classic!

    I also don’t know why the gay community isnt more vocal / up in arms about her position regarding their lifestyle. And yeah Im surprised the PETA people aren’t freaking out yet. Im sure we will be hearing from them shortly!

    Awake & Random: Feel free to ‘steal’ ‘high-jack’ this photo. Cant wait to see YOUR commentary on it!

    Mrs Schmitty:

  • If this was photoshopped then its a funny pic.
    If it’s not – she is hot.

  • Please, if this hag gets voted in I’m moving to Guatemala.

  • hahahahaha

    Yea Baby ***in his Austin Powers impersonation***

    Photo-shopped! Sarah wouldn’t be holding a BB Gun. She’d be holding an M16!!!

  • Eva

    I’m with Ricardo, except I’d rather go somewhere that they speak English cuz I’m not bilingual.

    BTW, Sarah’s got an awesome rack.

  • I wouldn’t like to meet her in a dark alley…..nuh-uh!

  • Meleah

    Really? I dont see that!!

    I prefer Italy

    M16! hahahahahah


    That makes two of us

  • ugh, DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THIS PERSON!!!! I feel very second-gunman-on-the-grassy-knoll when I think about the McCain/Palin possibility…I’ve become politically obsessed for the past 3-4 weeks and I think I might burst a blood vessel. I DO NOT want this woman telling me what to do with my (or my daughter’s) uterus…

  • This good old Christian is covering her eyes now.
    (Yeah right)

  • no I don’t because she has less fat than me and it’s okay for her to have a gun.

    sum ting wong wit dis

  • LOL! Glad to see we’re not the only country with problems …

  • I have the answer concerning if it’s photoshopped or not, but you have to come over to my blog and see. ;o)

    You don’t think she looks like Tina Fey? I’ll bet you that Fey makes a guest appearance & plays Palin on SNL seasons opening. I think it’s this Saturday. It ought to be good!

    So does this mean that your a fan of Ms. Palin? lol

    Check this out – http://www.theonion.com/content/node/85974

  • http://www.trendhunter.com/slideshow/sarah-palin-beauty-pageant-queen

    fabulous, Beth! especially since this is a REAL PHOTO and not photo-shopped. talk about dominatrix — look at those shoes!!!

  • I’ll take Italy way before the other too.

  • Meleah

    feeling “second-gunman-on-the-grassy-knoll”

    Good Idea

    The bathing suit kills me and the kid in the background drinking beer and smoking cigarettes



    These pictures are killing me


  • WOot!

  • Lee

    This picture was Photoshopped, and I’m offended. How dare they remove McCain from the picture, kneeling beside her kissing her butt.

  • The picture is real, taken at the Hollydale Game Ranch in 2005.

    … the year of our affair

    ha haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meleah

    oh thats good!

    HA HA HA

    Im voting for you!

  • I thought Speedy was gonna be out next President?!?!?

  • seriously do NOT elect this chick. seriously seriously seriously.

  • Wish I looked that good, photo shopped or not. But I would never wear a flag bikini.


  • Meleah

    Yeah, I am voting for Speedy or …

    My very own Gramma Evelyn

    Aren’t you glad your politicians dont look like this?

    Flag Bikinis are crazy!

  • She does talk a good game.. but I don’t believe there’s a such thing as a good politician. They hate me, I hate them. I probably won’t vote unless my wife is offering sexual favors in return again. I can say that there’s not a single possibility that I’m voting for someone with Hussein as a middle name.

  • Meleah

    To Each His / Her Own!

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