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Okay people, I know I promised FIVE blog posts this week, and I was doing very well upholding that promise. I’ve also been having a GREAT time reading/commenting on all of your blogs. [Man, I’ve missed you guys!] I’ve even had the pleasure of discovering a few NEW bloggers this week. And, I intend on updating my blog very shortly with some very exciting news.

However, my boyfriend Sonny was in a car accident. And therefore, I was unable to write anything for you to read today.

Let me start by saying that Sonny was VERY lucky, and thankfully he was wearing his seat belt, when another woman [who was not paying attention] came flying across two lanes – at full speed, subsequently crashing into the side of his car and forcibly shoving his vehicle into the cement divider. He was taken to ‘The Worst Hospital In The World’ otherwise known as Woodhull in Brooklyn, NY.

[Seriously, there might be an entire blog post on that hospital and the horrifying conditions – sometime next week.]

After what seemed like the longest drive of my entire life, with my heart in my throat and a knot in my stomach, I arrived at the hospital to find him in MUCH better condition that I had anticipated. Other than a dislocated shoulder, and a very stiff neck, I am thrilled to announce Sonny is totally FINE.

Of course, he is quite sore, and less than flexible, so we will be camped out at my house for the next few days so that I can take care of him.

I’m not sure how much time I will have to blog, write, or visit any of your sites over the next few days. But, I will do my best to get in some Quality Internet Time.

In the meantime, you can always check my ‘Status Updates’ on Facebook:Ā  just click HERE!


There will definitely be an upcoming blog post about MY FATHER and how he managed to entertain me the whole tension filled drive into NYC.

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  • Bee

    That must have been terrifying! Glad he’s okay.

  • BK

    So glad to hear that Sonny is totally fine. Do give him your attention now. And have a wonderful weekend.

  • Wow.

    He got hit by a woman?

    Go figure.

  • Just glad he’s ok. šŸ™‚

  • Glad to hear that he wasn’t injured too badly. Have a good weekend with him.

  • Glad to hear Sonny is ok. I bet he will be sore for a while. Dislocated shoulder is a real pain (I know) and I hope he gets lots of meds/rest/attention. Your turn to make him soup.

  • I’m sorry to hear that he was in an accident, but I’m glad to hear that he is well.

    He requires your full attention. The online world can wait.

  • Meleah

    I was so scared and even though I knew he was OKAY I wasn’t able to feel at ease until I saw him with my own eyes.

    Thank you! Ill see you on Monday!

    Shocking. I know.

    Cute Ella:
    That makes TWO of US!
    Thanks for texting me all day yesterday that REALLY helped me. A Lot.

    Thank you! I will!

    Its definitely My TURN!


    Thank you so much for understanding.

  • i freaked out when i read on FB — but son sick and me sick and i could only stay up so long. GOOD to hear injuries minimal. GOOD to hear….how scared you must have been!

  • Jay

    Wow … I’m so sorry to hear of the accident. Sounds as if Sonny was very lucky! And doubly lucky to have you looking after him.

    I hear that dislocated shoulders are horribly painful – poor guy. šŸ™ I hope he heals fast!

  • I’m so glad to hear Sonny is ok! Take good care of him and take a needed break from blogging. We’ll be here when you get back.

  • Meleah

    I was FREAKED out all day! I hope you and your amazing son feel better SOON. Thanks for all of your kick ass support and love.

    Thanks honey.
    I am doing my very best to take good care of him this weekend.

    Thanks so much for understanding. I plan on trying to make internet rounds when he takes a nap, as long as I dont take a nap with him!

  • I’m so glad he’s okay, Mereb. For both of your sakes. xoxo

  • I am glad Sonny is alive- esshhh. I have family on the east coast- when I get to New Jersey I give up my driving privileges- too scary out there.

  • Wow that is so terrible and I’ll be thinking and praying for a speedy recovery.

    I suspect he had an angel on his side and that it will stay there until this is over.

    Wishing you well..

    Dorothy form grammology

  • I’m really glad that Sonny is okay.

  • Like everyone else, I’m definitely glad he’s ok.

    I must admit I got spoiled by having you back & visiting a couple times this week so every now & then I expect you to slip him an extra vicodin & do that QualityInternetTime thing…. šŸ˜‰

  • Glad to hear Sonny’s okay!

  • glad he is OK. I totaled a car once and can’t tell you how important wearing a seatbelt is. Walked away without a scratch. Now I know that sounds corny but they work. Wishing Sonny all the best.

  • Meleah

    Thank sweety

    The accident happened in NY, and driving in NY is WAAAAY scarier then NJ. Actually I dislike driving in either state!

    Do you know MY FAVORITE GRANDMA was named Dorothy!

    And yes, I believe Sonny does have an ANGEL watching over him. He was LUCKY to walk away from this accident in one piece!

    Thank you so much for your loving prayers.

    Thanks Love.

    Oh, Ill make time for you!

    That makes TWO of US

    Oh he didnt have a SCRATCH on hm either but he is in WORSE condition NOW than before. I took him to a chiropractor today, but he needs to see an orthopedic STAT. Thanks for your well wishes.

  • Oh my goodness – so glad to hear that Sonny is okay. You take the time you need to take care of him AND yourself. I’ll keep poking in to check for new posts.

  • How Scary, I’m so glad he is ok šŸ™‚ Your such a good care taker, he’ll be up and about in no time.

  • Meleah

    You’re the best!
    I’m actually trying to grab a few minutes right now for some Internet Face Time!

    The Girl:

    Aw. Thanks love.

  • Valerie

    glad to read that he is doing fine. very scary.

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  • Oh no. That is awful. Thank God he is OK. Sending Sonny lots of prayers and get well soon wishes XXX

  • Meleah

    Thanks Valerie & Selma. I love you ladies!

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