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Yeah. Um. You know you are really out of shape when 1/2 through a 12 minute session in the stand-up tanning booth you have to sit down, because your legs are sore.

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  • Spray-on tan avoids that problem all together! Of course, it does make your skin look a scary orange . . .

  • I’m always amazed at how much more quickly one can get out of shape than get into it. 😀

  • Hey, Hey now, yo’ve been sick. Chalk it up to weakness 🙂

  • Meleah

    Angry Man:
    Spray Tans are scary!

    I’m lazy and I think I’m okay with that.

    Chef Mom:
    I know its the strep and after killing myself on the video, I needed to collapse!

  • Lee

    How about when holding your hand over your head for 2 1/2 minutes has you searching for the Ben Gay and the heating pad. Plus having to take Advil for three days after.

  • Barbara

    Yeah, but you LOOK good!

  • Well, don’t feel bad….I’m exhausted (EXHAUSTED) today, and I’ve done nothing but sit and drink coffee/tea. 🙁

    In other news….

  • sore from what?

    i sit on steps myself at work. i’m on the 2 nd floor.

    tanning? girl go outside and get some sunny D. 😉

  • Meleah

    Ha ha ha
    Its fun getting ‘old’ isn’t it?

    Aw. Thanks.

    The Rev:
    What is UP with being so tired today!
    Hmm…. Im off to check out your Other News

    Its way too muggy and over cast and crappy outside.
    I suffer from sitting too much syndrome.
    Standing takes too much effort!

  • Jay

    Oh, that would be me!! I try so hard to stay in shape, but I’m not at all fit. Standing would be bad for me.

  • lol I have to catch my breath after tying my shoes 😉

  • Too funny! I’m cracking up!

  • Hey there… I’m out of the oblivion I seemed to have faded into. I’ve missed you. A million thanks for checking up on me.

  • Too funny 🙂

  • Meleah

    I am so out of shape, but I have no desire to fix it!


    You make me laugh every single day

    Some Girl:
    I was really worried!!
    *wipes sweat off brows*

    Hey! I thought you were on vacation! Or at least taking a break!

  • Hey, give yourself a break! You’ve had a really active few weeks. You’ll be back to your old self before you know it. Don’t forget to drink lots of water. xoxo

  • I won’t even get into and I’m so outta shape comparison with you. My SHAPE is out of shape – quite blob like right now. Hoping that Monday will bring the much anticipated DIE-t and exercise program that I have been claiming to start “on Monday.” For about 6 months.

    That’s a lot of Mondays.


  • Dude! My friend Suki invited you to a party in JOISEY! You need to go! You will LURVE each other http://twitter.com/SukiFuller/statuses/889104181

  • Meleah – Perhaps you should turn the stand up booth sideways.
    Or stand on your head.
    Or tie yor hands to the top.
    Or Dance
    Or go to the beach for a tan.
    Or eat orange cupcakes.

  • Jen

    Everyone’s replies cracked me up…

    It’s not just just you Meleah. I did a beach family photo shoot last weekend and it took me a week to recover from my thighs hurting…from walking on the sand and bending and squatting to photograph the little girl at her level… I was so sore!

    Jeeze, I really need to start exercising! (umm…but no…I don’t think so…I like sitting way too much to want to move around a lot and actually sweat…ICK).

  • Lol. Look at it this way…you just finished a very long production so it’s ok 😛

  • I do find myself relying on those straps in there at times.. what gets me is when it’s too hot in the building to be tanning.. I feel like I’m in a microwave 😀

  • You have been through a lot lately but I do know what you mean. I went bushwalking with a friend yesterday and today I feel like I am going to die. I do a lot of walking normally so I am embarrassed I am so unfit. My only excuse is that yesterday it was mostly uphill. And that she is younger than me. Haha.

  • you sit on the floor in my tanning bed? Dood……its not gonna work if your way down there & hello? tan lines?

  • Hhmm, I haven’t been to any tanning salon so I wonder how it works. If you sit down, can it still tan your bottom? Or did it just tan your head and parts that are above ground?

  • Ah-HA! this is why you need exercise!!! the timing could not have been more perfect.

  • i’m not sure where to begin with what i don’t get about this.

    clearly i need to get tanning . . .

  • Take a look at this:

    http://awakeanddreaming.org/?p=1170 😀

    Hope you like it.
    I’ve also linked it at Digg & Del.icio.us

  • Once time…my poor ol’ blog-mistress’s butt muscles were SO SORE…and she couldn’t figure out why?….until she realized (with horror) it was from the day before when she’d squatted down a FEW TIMES at the bookstore to look at books on the bottom shelf! ACK!
    But latley she’s been power-walking & lifting weights and getting in pretty good shape…so now she can read ALL the books on the bottom shelf with NO PAIN! 🙂 Start walking babe….it’s good fer ya!

  • Meleah

    Everyones comments are so funny to me.

    Sweet! I will go check that out.

    True dat

    I am just so lazy!!


    That movie production kicked my ass!

    Yup I have to hang on tight to those staps!!

    No. I am kidding.

    I stand up the whole time, but it makes my legs sore!


    Jen R:
    I know.

    It sucks getting older. Doesn’t it?

    Tanning is bad for you. But, it gives me my healthy glow!

    I need to start somewhere!!

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