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In The Spirit Of Thanksgiving

51 Things I Am Grateful For:

  1. My Son JCH. For he is truly the light of my life.
  2. My Mother & My Father. Their undying love and support amazes me.
  3. My whole entire family. Both sides. We may be crazy, and slightly dysfunctional, but I’d be nothing without each and every one of you.
  4. My Best Friend Jennifer. I can always count on her to backup all my bad decisions. (Just kidding.)
  5. My oldest and dearest friend Leslie. Without her guidance, I don’t know how I would have turned out. You rule. The End. Kisses.
  6. My male Best Friend BFD / Bdawg. The man who is forever talking me off of the ledge. I love you.
  7. All of my ‘Real Life’ friends: Olly, Patty, Tiffany, Pammie. Each one of you bring something special into my life. I would be incomplete without you.
  8. Chef BrookeStone. I would have starved to death without you.
  9. The Written Word. Or Spoken. Just WORDS.
  10. My Blog. And all of the wonderful people that have come into my life as a result of this blog. Ya’ll have: Made me laugh, made me cry, held my hand, inspired me, and taught me so very much.
  12. My Mac. I think I love my Apple computer more than I love people.
  13. My Journals.
  14. The Internet.
  15. My New Camera.
  16. Television.
  17. Music.
  18. Sleeping-In on Sunday’s.
  19. Starbucks.
  20. Hard Rain.
  21. New Socks.
  22. Fresh Linens.
  23. Fabreeze.
  24. Straws.
  25. Scented Candles.
  26. Open Lanes On The NJTPK.
  27. Days Off From Work.
  28. A Good Book.
  29. Cleaning People.
  30. Professional Movers.
  31. Pajamas.
  32. Art & Museums.
  33. Theatre.
  34. Good Food.
  35. Health Benefits.
  36. The Girls / The Twins (a.k.a. My Boobs!)
  37. Small Feet = Great Shoes. (I love my size 6 feet)
  38. Being Thin.
  39. My Sense Of Humor.
  40. My Brains.
  41. Heated Debates.
  42. Money In My Pocket.
  43. Love.
  44. Fire Places.
  45. Change.
  46. My Past.
  47. My Present.
  48. My Future.
  49. Laughter.
  50. Tears.

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  • I really thought straws and and open lanes on the NJTPK would have been higher on your list. LOL!!! That was a great list! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Jodi

    And I, am thankful for “meeting” YOU!
    Happy TDAY!

  • #38?!?! That was obviously meant to be a slap in my face. Our friendship is over. I hate you!

    For those of you who don’t know me, I secretly worship Meleah. Sshhh, don’t tell her.

  • Jodi

    Label/Receipt Number: 0307 0020 0002 6898 1718
    Status: Arrival at Unit

    Your item arrived at 5:46 AM on November 21, 2007 in XXXXX, NJ XXXX. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

  • Jodi

    Oh and…you can delete that…I dont mind

  • Meleah

    Chef Mom:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


    I am thankful for YOU too. And OH MY GOD I AM SOOOFA-KING excited. I cant wait to hang my painting!! (I didnt delete it, but I altered it).


    You are so friggen funny.

  • Wow this is a good list.
    Friends like you who know what to be thankful for, even on little things, are truly sincere.
    I’m thankful that I know you… wait! Should I say, you should be thankful for knowing me, aka the most perfect being who has the biggest head on the planet? 🙂
    On a serious note, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, and rest well 🙂

  • Meleah


    ha ha ha! (yes I am thankful to know you, the most perfect being on the planet!)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  • meleah, i would like to subscribe to your blog by email, but don’t see that option. can you put it on your page?

  • Am very happy to see that you included “The Girls” on your list! And #36 at that! Coinkidink?!?!?

  • Dan

    Great list Meleah! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Yes, I’m back, for a bit I guess.

  • Mimzie’s got a girl crush, Mimzie’s got a girl crush!

  • What a wonderful list you have written. You are a truly lovely lady with such a wealth of good things around you. I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and many many many happy times for the future.

    Warm wishes, Graham 🙂

  • I am thankful that I began reading your blog – it has given me so much. What an inspiring list. I laughed at the inclusion of baby wipes. I always have a pack in my bag. They come in very handy, don’t they?

  • Happy Thanksgiving!!

    I wish we celebrate Thanksgiving in Malaysia but we don’t. Ah well…

    I so envy #38…


    Dood, you’re just an all around great gal. I think I can speak for everyone in saying that your sincerety in making everyone feel like a close friend is special…and that racks up major points in the Karma Book. I’m glad we found each other, I’m happy you’re gonna have money in you pocket and new socks on your freakishly small feet (just kidding!).

    I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER fro the B-day wishes…it meant a lot.

    PS: I’m SO SORRY I haven’t responded to your e-mails…I’m absurdly busy (with non-b-day stuff unfortunately …sorry, sorry, sorry.


  • Uh…wait…what’s this “sleeping in on Sunday’s” and “fresh linens” you speak of?

  • Meleah


    You can grab my RSS feed and put it in your email reader


    I put the GIRLS in there just for YOU!!


    Dood! Welcome back!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


    Well the feelings are MUTUAL… I have a girly crush on Mimzie. I am sooo glad I clicked on her blog after seeing her in the comments of your blog. She is a HILARIOUS. So, thanks for *introducing* us!! 🙂 Have a stealthy Thanksgiving!!


    Im flattered. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well!


    That warms my heart. Baby wipes are the greatest invention. Happy Thanksgiving to YOU too!


    Well, Happy Virtual Thanksgiving.


    Aw. Im so happy you liked your birthday presents! I love YOU forever and ever. Im glad that my sincerity comes through..*blushing*

    Dont worry about not responding to the emails. I just wanted you to have a GREAT DAY.


    (here is to am allergy free holiday!)

    Momo Fali:

    Well I have only 1 child, who is 11. Thankfully my son is more than capable of making his own cereal on Sunday morning and entertaining himself with the 7 billion electronics in his room. Yeay for SLEEP 🙂

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Meleah


    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! 🙂

  • Thanks Meleah. I love you too. 🙂


  • Meleah


    I love love love love you.

  • What a! I love that you put fresh linens on your list. My husband doesn’t get my joy in fresh sheets. I think they are totally underappreciated!

  • 🙂 awwwww

  • Meleah


    I LOVE fresh linens. They smell soooo good. Especially after being washed in Tide with Fabreeze and bounce dryer sheets…………aaaaaaaaaaaaah!


    xxoo xxoo xxoo

  • What a great list… you thought of everything!
    I had Thanksgiving in October and I wasn’t near as thankful as you! MY BAD!
    I’ll do better next year!
    Happy Thanksgiving Meleah!

  • cmk

    Ahhh, baby wipes! What did we ever do without them? They are the first things I pack whenever we do a road trip! 🙂

    Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving, Meleah.

  • I’m thankful for you. Now can we see those Pajamas? lol.

  • What a great list…Happy thanksgiving to a totally awesome person may you have a rocking year!!!!

  • Meleah


    Baby wipes! I cant live without them! Happy thanksgiving!!


    HA HA HA…. 🙂


    That list actually took a while to create! Happy Thanksgiving to you. I am so thankful to have you in my life.

  • YAY! What a great list! Makes me want to go buy a Mac. Happy Thanksgiving, Meleah!

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