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In The Midst Of:

~ Drowning in paper work on my desk.
(where did all this work come from anyway?)

~ Editing another movie.
(this project is taking much longer than expected.)

~ Completing several posts which are currently sitting as drafts.
(really, I have so much to say and so little time to write.)

~ Reading all of your blogs.
(you guys keep me going!)

~ Taking care of a sick child.
(JCH is feeling MUCH better-Thank You Internet for all of your well wishes and concern.)

~ Helping said sick child catch up on 3 days worth of homework.
(is it just me, or is there way too much homework for kids these days?)

~ Final tweaking of Chapter Three.
(yes! yes! yes!)

~ Having a love affair with coffee ice cream.
(a girl’s gotta live a little.)

And so on. And so on. And so on. It never ends.

But, since I would never want to disappoint ya’ll…I have some kick ass linky goodness. I hope you will appreciate these as much as I did.

1. Over on my ‘Other Blog’ I have a surprise totally super awesome special guest appearance post that you do NOT want to miss.


2. Everyone should really needs to read a little something called ” ‘Verb’atim.” This post is a most excellent laugh out loud introduction on ‘how to’ incorporate New Verbs (using celebrities and or television characters) into the every day English Language. Yes. Way!

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  • Dammit, schools DO give too much homework nowadays. Not to mention kids have to be Hercules to get the books home. I can’t remember much from high School, but I can remember the muscles I developed in my shoulders from lugging all that knowledge home.

  • Meleah

    Um yeah. What is UP with THAT? Too much homework can turn kids off to learning. Duh. Not to mention back aches from all those books. Yikes.

  • Ooh, ooh, ooh, linky goodness?

  • Meleah

    Michael C:
    But of course!! xxoo 🙂

  • I feel ya. I’ve got more going on than I can even keep up with, so you’re way ahead of the game!


  • The best friend

    I love you. Happy Wednesday this crazy hectic week is halfway over for you!

  • You are too funny. I love the run down. Glad your child is feeling better. I heard of a study a while back of how much work they give kids these days. Many are getting stressed out and going through depression. Also, there was a study on how many books children carry and said children suffering from back problems.

    I’ll check out the link goodness.

    Yes. Way! LOL… Love it.

  • Phew!…I’ve been having trouble getting into your blog…WTF?!?

    My son (13) has been down with the fever/sore throat/flu thing too…and YES the kids nowdays are given WAY too much homework! He missed 4 days of school & will be doing homework for the next week just to catch up. Glady our boys are both feeling better now….

  • Meleah

    I try. I try.

    Toads. Half way done.

    It was the only thing I had time to write!! Thanks for the kind words about my boy. And yeah homework is OUT OF CONTROL. I have feeling its going to take the two of us the whole damn night to get this finished. Geeeez.

    Ive been having trouble getting into MY OWN blog too. I hate when my ‘server’ is slow or down or whatever the fuck it is that makes it impossible to GET INTO MY BLOG.

    Hope YOUR baby feels better! Awwww…..thats terrible!! 🙁
    Sheeeeeeeeeeesh, is there some sort of massive epidemic this year?

    I think I might need to write an entire post on the homework situation. (and a post on the widespread outbreak of long lasting sicknesses.) Since I have so much ‘spare time’ to write….

  • You know, after reading everyone else’s comments, I look like a huge insensitive ass for not feeling your pain this week. I am sorry about that

  • Lis

    Woohoo you’re one busy lady. Can’t wait for chapter three!

  • Meleah

    What? No you aren’t. Besides you shouldered some of the load for me by writing that great guest post!

    I am crazy busy. But its a good thing. I will let you (and everyone else) know when Chpt 3. is posted. 🙂

  • Ok, I’ll be an ass tomorrow then.

  • I’m glad to hear JCH is on the mend….as for you: Shred the paperwork, eat the ice cream and I can’t wait for Chapter 3!!!

  • I TOTALLY agree that they give waaay too much homework…my daughter is only 5 years old and we spend at least an hour every night on home work. When I was 5 my homework was playing with my Easy Bake oven!!!

    Sounds like you ARE busy…aren’t all working Moms??

  • Meleah

    Michael C:
    You? An Ass? Never.

    Chef Mom:
    Paper work pile getting smaller, I am housing the Ice cream and killing myself over Chpt. 3! xxoo xxoo

    Random Chick:
    Yes we are! Working moms are mad crazy busy!!! All The Time.

    Okay Okay thats the THIRD comment on the subject. Now I am going to have to write an entire post about the homework and how its probably the cause of ADD and depression and who knows what else.

    Oh! I LOVED my easy bake oven…but even my family knew back then…I’d never be able to cook anything!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  • Final tweaking of Chapter Three!
    I’ve been waiting waaaay tooo long 🙂

  • Cannot wait for chapter 3! I read your other two to my husband and he is totally absorbed in your story as well! I know it will be well worth the wait. Meantime, isn’t it fun brushing up on your skills while doing homework with the kids? I know I am thoroughly enjoying my second round with algebra this year while helping my son and having not done it since I was in 7th grade many moons ago!

  • Glad the boy is feeling better. Yay for the new chapter. And I completely agree about homework – there is far too much. Drives me crazy!

  • Meleah

    Chapter Three is ALMOST ready…..ALMOST. Sorry for the long ass wait. I waiting for the Muse to return…and now that she has, I am riding this out!

    Really? Your husband even read it? Thats awesome!

    The homework is harder on me than my son, I have no idea what the hell is happening! Thankfully JCH can go to my father for Math & Science and my mother for English and his own father for History….Apparently, I cant help!

    Im so glad hes feeling better too! The homework is ridiculous.

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