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In GOOD news:

1. JCH was elected class representative for student counsel AGAIN! Second year in a row! Atta- boy! He won with no prepared speech. (Last year I knew he wouldn’t do it, if he knew I signed him up, so I did it behind his back with the help of his 4th grade teachder Miss G. His unprepared speech was soo good, he won) This year I didn’t have to trick him into anything, he was nominated and agreed willingly to run for election, but decided on his own, that it was better to go with no rehearsed speech. Worked like a charm… again! Starting Tuesday October 10th I have to be up and awake at 5am, to get him to school by 6:45am (only down side)

2. All my bitching, complaining and shameless begging for a camera has landed me a digital from dear old daddy! he he he he! My father bought a new one, so I was handed down the archaic one, but who cares, it can take pictures that I can download to my computer, upload to flickr, and post on my blog…hoooo-ray!! (I’m sure I will be picture happy for a while…deal with it)

3. Saw GREASE last night before bed… I sill LOVE that movie

4. HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE is on TONIGHT (8pm Fox 5) followed by back to back episodes of Law and Order SVU AND Criminal Intent (9pm, 10pm NBC 4)

*My phone and computer will be OFF, there will be NO way of getting in touch with me, all “emergencies” will have to wait until Wednesday!*

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