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If this doesnt PUSH me back to WRITE the book, nothing will

This is the conversation I had with my friend Rodger w/ respects to my book that he forwarded to his “famous” friend.

(apparently the “GEORGIA” chapter is going over BIG with everyone)

IM conversation today with GOOD NEWS:

rb: al likes your book

Meleahrebeccah: really!

rb: said something about the part in Georgia.. What happened in Georgia?

Meleahrebeccah: are u serious?
Meleahrebeccah: she died
Meleahrebeccah: she was a dancer
Meleahrebeccah: that was her stage name
Meleahrebeccah: Georgia
Meleahrebeccah: so… he liked the book?
Meleahrebeccah: he thinks its a good idea?
Meleahrebeccah: wortk
Meleahrebeccah: ‘?
Meleahrebeccah: what
Meleahrebeccah: tell me excatly what he said?
Meleahrebeccah: pleasee?!

rb: NO

Meleahrebeccah: wtf!

Meleahrebeccah: killing me

rb: he said that it was really riveting.. but I told him to contact you directlry via email
rb: and he will

Meleahrebeccah: sweeeeeeeeeeeet

rb: I got a better idea.. al is coming over a bit later today.. can both of us call you and you can speak with him?

rb: be sure to gather your questions now for him.. then talk to him later.. cool?

Meleahrebeccah: YES PLEASE

rb: have questions ready

Meleahrebeccah: um okay

rb: cause you’ll forget if you work off the cuff

rb: btw,, ask anyone if they know of al rosenberg.. he still has a following but its been awhile since he’s been part of the stern show.

Meleahrebeccah: i dont even know what to ask

Meleahrebeccah: my head is spinning my heart is pounding
Meleahrebeccah: im dying
Meleahrebeccah: okay

rb: dont die

Meleahrebeccah: i need to THINK
Meleahrebeccah: questions

rb: ok.. go think.. we’ll call you later
rb: bye

Meleahrebeccah: what is good? what id bad? what do i do with it when its finished?
Meleahrebeccah: can i ask stuff ike that

rb: absolutely

Meleahrebeccah: k
Meleahrebeccah: sweweeeeet

rb: anyting and everything.. he is my best friend and therefore your friend as well

Meleahrebeccah: have a good day call me later

rb: will do

Meleahrebeccah: TY

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