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If I See This Error One More Time…

I am going to flip my lid.

I’ve copy pasted my comments, and waited, and rebooted, and still… nothing. I promise I have not been neglecting anyone’s blogs. I’ve been here reading and laughing with all of you. Alas, I don’t think Blogger and I are getting along right now, because every time I try and leave a comment, that is the error I receive. Its driving me mad.

Of course I have to wait to surf the internet until I get home from work. Which is pissing me off because it seems like Blogger runs smoothly all damn day long. Yanno, Blogger works just fine and dandy until 7pm when I sit down and try to participate.


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  • I’ve had that silly error message showing up a few times yesterday but after an hour or so, it was back to normal. Don’t worry, we know you don’t neglect our blogs, right? Right? RIGHHHTTTT? LOL!

  • While we’re ranting, here’s what I hate about blogger. Say you type a grand response to someone’s post. A comment worthy of praise. But you happen to include a link to another site.

    Be sure to copy and paste your comment somewhere if you have a hope to preview the response and check your link. What happens is after you click on the link you posted while in preview, sometimes you have no ‘back’ button to exit out of preview so you can select submit. There goes your prose, don’t ya knows.

  • I never cared for blogger. Even their comment section is horribly done. Who needs a pop up to do it? Why can’t it just be done from the post itself? Google change it up please.

  • Meleah

    Blogger is making me ANGRY!!

  • I’m sick of it too. What is going on?

  • I was getting that too, and it’s infuriating. One of the reasons I’m no longer on blogger. Unfortunately, most of my contacts are on blogger, so I still have to deal with its oddball antics.

  • Meleah

    I know. Sometimes I can only contact WP or self hosted blogs, but I have so maney friends ON BLOGGER its hard!

  • I know!!!!

    I dont’ know why Blogger keeps having scheduled outtages…are they in Northern California? Maybe they are on fire?

  • Meleah

    I have been trying to leave you comments. I’ve even resorted to sending you a few emials. Did you get them?

  • I get a xbi997hsjs error. It erases my comment and it really sucks.

  • Yeah, it ain’t fun when you can’t access your own blog, lol. Frustrating!

  • Meleah

    I cant with Blogger anymore!!!!

  • the best friend

    I dont understand why your having BLogger probs I would have complained to you by now if there was a problem. I never have problems with blogger. thats weird. maybe your body rejects blogger bunny

  • Meleah

    I must be allergic to Blogger

  • the best friend

    among everything else.

  • I have never had problems with Blogger – if I had you would have heard about it by now ’cause I would have posted.

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