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I never thought I’d hear THIS

I never thought I’d hear THIS from a “certain individual”

(A certain individual whom I hold in such high regard, a certain individual who has enriched my life, certain individual I love, adore, admire and respect the hell out of)

Admittedly, HE is JEALOUS of MY WRITING…huh? what?

Can you please speak into my GOOD ear? I don’t think I heard you correctly.

Maybe it was said at an ungodly hour and I have no business taking it seriously. However, it was said, and I do intend to torture this individual with reminders of said conversation that took place close to 1am last night.

That conversation / admission, was my sole and full inspiration to write today. I have solid ground for chapter three, some words need re-working, some re-structuring and beefing up need to be done, but a really good start, despite of the pain I was in for five consecutive hours.

At least I have a SHORT week, and a LONG weekend to look forward too!

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  • Anonymous


    This is so great! I am really impressed. This is so sophisticated.

    I really enjoyed meeting you. You tell it like it is & that is what I like!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!




  • Anonymous

    Yup! I said that… I am jealous of your ability to write, compose, etc… I’m not a proud person, or ashamed to admit something…

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