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I Need To Know

Okay. So, I’ve mentioned before how much I love to people watch, but I fear I’ve become quite obsessed with one of our neighbors. And not in a good way. (If there is a ‘good way’ for one to become obsessed with watching their neighbor.)

He is an older man who lives alone. He keeps weird hours and I’ve never seen him with a woman. Or a man. Or any visitors whatsoever including family members for that matter.

But what has my utmost attention? Since I have been observing this man, I’ve noticed over the last 6 months, I have never seen the man put out a single trash can.

In our complex every Tuesday & Thursday is garbage day. And every Wednesday & Friday is recycling day. Every other house hold on the block puts out at least ONE trash can on any of those given days.

Except for this dood.

So. WHERE IS ALL OF HIS GARBAGE? And. What is he doing with his trash?

Its not like we live in an area or street where he can burn his garbage. He drives a small Mercedes so it’s hard to imagine him loading his vehicle and transporting his waste elsewhere. Moreover why would anyone need or want to do that?


I need to know what this guy does with his garbage.

Ya’ll have any ideas?

In other news…I have not been able to stop laughig at this.

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  • Meleah

    “maybe he’s burning it to fuel his time machine?”

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