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I managed to eat and successfully digest 3 small s…

I managed to eat and successfully digest 3 small slices of bread; I wrote 3 new business accounts for my father, while working at home 4 hours on Thursday and another 4 hours on Friday. Of course, I had to stop, while working, and take naps after I would complete a single task, because being starving makes you nauseous, gives a dull and noticeable blinding headache behind your eyes, leaves you very exhausted, making things even more difficult to accomplish. (How the hell do these models or other anorexic people live? Or think clearly? Ever?)

I haven’t taken a single percosette for all of Thursday or Friday. To distract myself from the physical pain, I finished reading Towel Head over night (which I think gave me bad dreams, it’s an excellent book, I can see why it took three years to write, tough material.)

I am scared about the GI specialist visit on Monday, I am sure he will evaluate the situation, prescribe medications, place me on some restrictive diet, (like chicken broth, and white rice hasn’t been restrictive) and order a slew of really NASTY tests I am / have been dreading for months. I have no idea what to expect or, what is going to happen in the future, I just hope! what ever is wrong, can be fixed quickly and easily?

Well, its Friday, I am still sick, slow witted, and I have the attention span of a fly, but I didn’t puke, die, or writhe in pain (so far) today. That counts as a good day in my book!

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