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I Love Presents

Especially when they come from my bi-coastal partner in crime.

Now I have to get some sleep, (because after you leave your twenties, its impossible to function on two hours of sleep. My days of “all nighters” ended a few years ago) and I have to write a snappy post about last night for ya’ll…..

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  • get some rest girlfriend… and then i want to know about the book signing!!!!!

  • Happy present. You published a book. Ricardo said you were working on one!

  • FV

    Goodnight my friend


  • I ,for some strange reason, have always only needed three or four hours of sleep–thus blogging and the Internet were made for me.

    But, what I can not do anymore is party all night 🙁


  • I could never function on two, four or even six hours when in my twenties!

  • Meleah

    Paisley: I will be writing today/tonight. should be posted by tomorrow the latest! xxoo

    FV: 🙂

    Becky: Wow. I need sleep. I love sleep. I would sleep everyday till noon if I didn’t have a job that required waking up at 630am … I cant wait to RETIRE one day so I can sleep, sleep, and sleep some more.

    Jean-Luc: HA! in my 20’s I could go for days without sleeping!

    Enemy: No, I DIDNT write/publish a book YET. Someone who went to the same HS as me did, about the HS and some of the disturbing practices they put the students through.

  • It creeps up you so fast and you realize that all night partying bodes ill for the next day…I used to be able to party all night then off to the beach to party all day but no more 🙂

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