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I love my blog, I love my readers. I wish I could…

I love my blog, I love my readers. I wish I could write the worlds best posts ever, every single day. I do write every day and every so often I am able to pump out a half way decent story.

However, since I have mucho family footage to put together, since I have 50 things left to do on the famous to-do-LIST and since I have been forcing myself to write a post every single day…I have really been neglecting other writing ideas, opportunities and big big unattainable grandiose dreams to chase.

The write-a-post-a-day started back in November when there was a blogger challenge to see IF it was possible to write a post a day. I was successful in that task. As I do with most things, I took that challenge tooooooo fucking far and continued the trend until now.

4 solid months of a post a day… that’s a shit load of blogging people. Not to mention all the pictures and videos.

I’m not saying I am burned out, oh hell no. I love it here. But, I am going to slow down a bit so I can concentrate on a few other things like creating a BIO, submitting things to magazines, entering writing competitions, hanging out in the writers well where I can get some direction. And most importantly, I MUST WORK ON MY BOOK.

I will still write here of course. But, just not every day, like I have been.

When something funny happens, you’ll know. When something sad or upsetting happens you’ll know. When I have big news to announce you’ll know. If I ever try quitting smoking again…. you’ll know. When I am stuck on a chapter, or having a hard time and need ya’ll to validate that I am the greatest person alive… you’ll know. Of course any and all new movies will be posted as soon as they are completed. When absolutely nothing is happening and I am bored… you’ll know.

For now, I need to turn my attention back to some personal dreams that aren’t going to come true, unless I apply myself to my fullest.

I do not want to be 40, still working the 9-5 life, in an insurance office, while having nightmares over weather or not coverage has been bound over some crazy account.


Even if BFD swears the Insurance World is forever my fate

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    That’s my girl.

  • meleah rebeccah


  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you

    Well, let me know if you feel like letting me know about things. Go and do what you were born to do Meleah. Go ahead and pave that road which has been waiting for you to walk through. Oh and one more thing, make sure that everyone’s name (your family, your friends, and everyone else you know of) is listed at the end of the book you are currently writing 🙂


  • meleah rebeccah

    Im pretty sure I can handle MY OWN dedications ON MY OWN BOOK

  • harry


    Do whatever makes you the happiest at all times!

    If it is blogging today then write in your blog today!

    If it is your book then write your book!

    If it is movies then make some great ones!

    If it is nurturing the 6th Beatle along and loving him with all your heart then do so!

    If its snapping pics of Ron then make him smile!

    If it is quitting smoking I got your back!

    If it is all of the above and more then make time for all of them at YOUR own pace!

    The most important thing is YOUR happiness!

    Proud of you!


  • meleah rebeccah

    OH YEAH… Don’t get me wrong… I will still be a blogging fool…. (so keep checking, and keep COMMENTING!)

    I will forver chase my father and make him smile, I will forever immortalize my family as best I can

    But, I just need to make time for other stuff too.

    Since, I feel I know you in an interwebby sorta way and even more so through personal emails… I’d like to hear your opinion on MY BOOK … I was wondering if you’d take a totally UNBAISED look-see and let me know what you think?

    Its so hard for me to write about THAT STUFF in the BOOK because it is based on very true events that were DARK…

    The book is NOT light and or fluffy by any means… But I would be curious to hear what you have to say…. ? Are you in?

  • Anonymous

    Well as your interwebby friend lol I will have to say yes.

    I have to warn you though the most reading I ever do is magazines like National Geographic and Popular Science lol. Oh yeah and the Lowrider mags because of all the hot women in them lol.

    I will do and am IN, however, it may take me a while but I will finish it and tell you my honest opinion. I will probably still tell you it is great no matter what, but I will honestly make an attempt to provide constuctive criticism if it is warranted!

    BTW it is quite obvious to me that some of your readership have crushes on you in a wierd sort of clingon kinda way lol. That has to kind of freak you out a bit even though I am sure they are harmless.

    My dear GF still has no idea I converse with you and although it is completely harmless and there is 800 miles between us she would still consider this cheating so I will have to read this incogneto lol.

    Oh and I love your smile! I was checking it out on your latest EV videos. It just confirms what I already knew.

    A smile tells all to me!


  • Drama Div@

    a post daily without failed for four months together with pictures and videos….

    **clap clap*** u r born to be a writer, journalist, editor or anything to do with writing…. God bless!!

  • meleah rebeccah


  • Anonymous

    hey sweet thing..yes..you have a lot of shit on your plate but writing is one of them The good thing is even if you have not focused on your book you are still writing in one way or another..you have tons of material. So do what makes you happy and hope that includes us. love you.. xoxoxoxo BFNC

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