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I Heart The Internet

Because you meet other totally super awesome Die Hard Hockey Fans like this.

Who hand craft gems like these .

That you can wear on your wrist every day, to remember just how amazing the ‘internet’ friendships and connections you have cultivated really are.

Just Like I DO.


* Thank you CMK!! This is such a wonderful gift. These are absolutely beautiful. (Just Like You.) What a terrific surprise to find in my mailbox! I am so touched by your kind gesture. I will treasure them forever. In fact, I’m wearing them BOTH right now!


I Heart The Internet,

Because you meet really cool people like this.

Who paint totally super awesome stuff like this.

You too can have your own painting(s) by “Tiger Beaumont”.

Then you can hang them in your house, and gaze lovingly at it everyday.

Just Like I DO.


* Thank you Mimzie! I look at this every morning while I am getting ready to go to work and it always starts my day off with a smile.

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  • I read something about you having a smile. I’ll leave it at that. Because I know connects made anywhere, including the internet, are great and have an impact. Sound like that is where you are and that is what you’ve experienced.

    Sounds like a great lead into what can be a wonderful weekend.

  • i am soooo jealous… i want one.. or two … i have to drop in over there and see if she has an etsy shop or something so i can get me some pretty bracelets too!!!!

  • Meleah

    After the last week I had, these presents were the perfect remedy to cure my funkiness

    CMK makes the prettiest bracelets. I LOVE them. You really need to drop by her site and check them out!

  • It’s like a can of Funk-B-Gone was spread around and all that disappeared.

  • I’m so glad you like it. The colors worked perfectly!

  • Meleah

    EXACTLY! Ha ha ha ha

    The COLORS are amazing. I cant believe HOW awesome that painting looks in my bedroom. My Mother loves it too!
    Thank You Sooooo Very Much.

  • How talented they both are. Those bracelets are gorgeous and I couldn’t agree more about the power of the shoe!

  • wow the bracelets are nice…def..something i would wear

  • nice bracelets young lady…:)))

  • Oooo, I DO love that painting! Dammit, I need to get my hands on some xtra cash…. I might buy one, too.

    Hear that Mimzie??!!!!

  • cmk

    You make me blush. And you are very welcome.

  • The painting and the colors are fabulous. And the bracelets? Very nice! Sweets for the sweet, meleah? The Internet is quite fabulous, isn’t it? If only there were about six more hours to each day…Sigh.

  • There are so many incredibly creative people out there. Beautiful bracelets and a beautiful painting. What a lucky – and very deserving – girl you are! xoxo

  • Meleah

    Ah yes…The Power Of The Shoe!

    They are simply beautiful


    You should totally order a painting from her

    xxoo xxoo xxoo

    The colors and the power of the shoe AMAZED me! The bracelets are the most girly piece of jewelery I own! and I LOVE EM.

    I really do wish there were at least 6 more hours in a day!

    I am amazed at the talent I have encountered.

  • All so very true. The net has allowed me to meet some awesome people and has me wavering on how much longer I want to blog. I keep coming back for the chance to meet amazing people.

  • Wheee!! I am so happy you’re feeling happy and the painting and bracelets are VERY NICE. I’m glad you included links to the artists behind your gifts.

    I used to be more fearful of putting it out there on the ‘net but I have “met” so many incredibly nice people that I really do think that there are more good people than not in this world.

    For some reason that line, “The Kindness Of Strangers” keeps coming to mind!

  • Meleah

    I know I love the people I have met. So Much.

    Mrs Q.
    They are very talented ladies.

  • You are a lucky lady. You have met some very good blog friends who have made some really kickawesome stuff for you!!!

  • Meleah

    I am so very lucky. I love my people.

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