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I have a million pictures “posts to be” for Christ…

I have a million pictures “posts to be” for Christmas, but, if I wait that long to put them all up on Christmas, I will have a blog that looks much like the houses I make fun of. So, here are a few to get started:

CLICKHERE for a Santa Stripper

and I thought this was pretty funny (because it’s true)

Okay that’s enough Christmas spirit for today.

In the “weekly” health update, I am going for more tests tomorrow, I am scheduled for an endoscopy to see if there are other problems that may be the cause of the medication and lack of success I am having. I have my appointment at 10am, I am not looking forward to the gas / anesthesia…. Or afterwards going right back to the office when the procedure is complete. I may not be able to function but I won’t miss a day of work / pay!

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