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I had every intention on dealing with Chapter Ten …

I had every intention on dealing with Chapter Ten last night; however, I was completely distracted by the two new people on MYSPACE from my old high school that I have been reconnected with. I felt 15 years old again when I was emailing and reminiscing with them about those days. The only reason I even have a MYSPACE account (at age 32) is so that my fellow “Cascadians” can find me, or so I can find them. (Cascade is a whole other story that’s way to long to even try to explain here and now) But….What a trip down memory lane. It amazes me to see how much WE have all changed. And once again I was reminded of the “artist” I used to be….

“And honestly when I think of you I think of you drawing. Always drawing! Do you still draw? Are you utilizing that natural gift? I remember the suns you use to draw and the flames you would do off of names, know what I’m talking about? It would be amazing to receive an original. Once my real estate career takes off I’ll have to pay you for your talent! Look forward to that day!”

I used to draw all the time, crazy pseudo-psychedelic pictures, something I haven’t done in way too long. But, there was a request made for an original ©MELZ drawing, and I promised to deliver! So, its time for me to sharpen my prisms, and get busy on that too!! I will take photos and post pictures of the drawings, and apparently I take requests!

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  • Anonymous

    WOW! Love the personal site! I can’t wait to spend some more time on it and see what you have been up to. A book, that’s exciting!!! I’ll buy it, and maybe I can plan your world wide book tour! 😉

  • meleah rebeccah



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