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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Just when I was about to veer into oncoming traffic, my friends, and The Internet, came to my rescue.

As stared at my computer (for the billionth hour) practically blind…after several FAILED attempts to create that AD for my office, I just wanted to give up.

I mean…

First of all, it’s very difficult to do something you are clearly unqualified to do.

[A lot of deep breathing is required. The kind that almost makes you pass out.]

Secondly, it’s damn near half past impossible to do something you are unqualified to do, with ‘someone’ standing over you, handing out specifications.

[Bang head on keyboard…violently = Blunt Force Trauma to the skull. That’s really ‘effective’ if you are in fact aiming to pass out.]

Third, how is one supposed to complete a job without the necessary equipment/software/programs?

[Take your blog friends up on their offers! Now your thinking!]

The only reason I able to complete this [nightmare] task, or come up with a ‘finished product’ was because of the enormous support I received from all of you.

Not only did your encouraging comments & emails inspire me to do my best, but your absolute belief in my ability to pull this off, was the ONLY motivational factor that kept me going.

Thank you [BIG-TIME] to Leslie. Her assistance with verbiage ideas and for pointing me in the right direction with the use of images I was forced to incorporate.

Speaking of images…I have to shout a HUGE Thank You to the BREAST-BRA On. The. Planet. for her mad creative skillz. She as able to achieve the ‘look’ I wanted / needed.

I would also like to thank Michael & Laurie for their generous offers of assistance. I just may need to call on you in the future!

I am beside myself with gratitude.

(I had no idea 2 years ago when I started this blog that I would meet such an incredible circle of people. I really do have THE BEST FRIENDS ON THE NET).

The Ad is DONE. The task is OVER. Everything has been sent to the magazine for print.

And, now… I am GOING TO BED.

*Seriously if I wasn’t so exhausted this would have been a much better post filled with sentiment about the true value of friendships, and, how MUCH you all enrich my life… or I could have done something really funny with this (I might even rewrite this and repost this another day) but right now…I cant even finish this sentence…

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  • several ads/promotions from now won’t you look back and laugh?

    wait. that *may* have been less supportive than i’d hoped.

    i mean : well done! good job!

  • Lis

    Yay! You have the bestest blog friends!

  • I actually thought of you today, when I was told thirty minutes before an interview I was doing for a written article that the interview would be VIDEOTAPED. I was now in charge of writing the article, sounding professional on camera (while I prefer my interviews to be more conversational, chatty, and free to go off on tangents), and going into the office next week to help narrate/organize it into a podcast…all not in my range of experience.

    But I’m jumping in. What’s the worst that could happen, right? RIGHT?

  • I had every faith that you could do it. Congrats again…

  • Congrats 🙂 and get some rest!

  • Meleah


    Thanks. Hope I never have to do this agian


    I do






    sleeping agian is so nice

  • I’m proud of you Melz. Next task: learning to say “No.” 😉 HUGS.

  • Dood, you’re one of the most supportive people out ‘here’…It makes sense that soooo many people were/are willing to help you….

  • The best friend

    i think the ad came out great, i didnt think it was even that challenging, I still dont know why you needed any help that shit was simps!

  • Lee

    Congrats, Meleah. You know some of the most successful people in the world aren’t necessarily that smart or that talented. But they surround themselves with people who have the skills or the knowledge they need to tap into. Welcome to the realm of successful people!! :0)

  • You’re so lucky to have such wonderful friends here. I know I’ve said it before but I’m so envious. Another thing, I’m proud of you as well because that says a lot about what sort of person you must be – loving, kind, responsive, loyal..It’s just so great to see that and it sure brings smiles to my face to see that every single time I come here.

    Thanks for making my day Meleah. I’m so glad it worked out for you. Much love and peace to you.

  • Woo-hoo!! Congratulations, Meleah!!

  • well done young lady..a task completed has a little more glow to it when friends lend a helping hand…:)..rest well..

  • Meleah


    say NO? to my boss? um……teach me how!


    Aww. Thanks. I love to support my friends. It was nice to be supported


    It was NOT simple.


    I am very lucky to have surrounded myself with the best people IN THE WORLD


    Why are you envious?

    I am very LOYAL, and dedicated to my friends. they are like FAMILY to me.


    I love you. Thanks!! XXOO


    thank you daring. I LOVE my friends.

  • Although I’m not longer in the business of providing support 24/7 (thank GAWD!)…I’m ALWAYS happy to give a friend a little lift! 😉 Glad I could help you…just as you so readily helped me! Isn’t that what friends are for?!?

    Besides, it was fun!…and we’d love to see the final product after it’s printed! 😉

  • Lisa is a baaaaaaaaaaad friend. Baaaaaaaaaaaaad friend. Meleah is always popping over to Lisa’s blog saying how-de-do. Lisa is obsessing about her damn self and not doing the rounds to her friends’ blogs. I have gazillions of years of ad creation experience. Email me directly next time and I can throw some ideas your way, in addition to all the other amazing people (and bras) who frequent your blog.

    Or maybe I should just pay attention more often, n’est-ce pas?


  • Lee

    Hey, Meleah….TAG, your it!! 🙂

  • I KNEW you could do it. Once you got past your nerves did you enjoy it? Is it a career direction you’d like to pursue? You are so talented I believe you could do anything you set your mind to. Onwards and upwards!

  • It WAS a great post filled with sentiment! A big, fat WHEW that task is over for you!

  • olly

    I always knew you were a very capable youg lady with a vast assortment of resources and it’s only when heart meets brain that things actually work.
    Good Job! LYB!

  • Meleah



    But I cant post the final product. I am not even really ‘allowed’ to blog about work….there is NO way I can post the name of my office or the ad 🙁 sorry!


    your are not a bad friend. you have been very busy! But I will take you up on that!




    Thanks darling


    I am sofa king happy that task is OVER


    I am very lucky to be surrounded by the coolest blogger/friends in the world!!

  • I will give you several “Just Say NO” tutorials for work. It IS ok to say no to your boss, I promise. For now, look at it this way: You have to learn to do it in the language of money, ie pointing out how much it cost him in lost work on your accounts, lost productivity due to your sleepless nights and distracted days in the office doing something you weren’t familiar with and lost productivity next week while you catch up. Then compare that $$ to the cost of outside help and the cost of the ad and show him how outsourcing actually SAVES him money for things like this. Also point out that professional ads net him better results – that’s what ad agencies are trained for – keeping up with trends and buzzwords and driving traffic to him in his industry. Not that your final product wasn’t good, but a professional ad writer is trained to do that and better in less time. 😉 Love you Melz.

  • That’s the power of the blog at work Meleah. Amazing isn’t it?

  • I knew Olga would come in handy. She’s the breast!

  • You Rock! I think you can do anything you want to. You’re just that kinda gal. 🙂

  • Of course, you did it Mel. Will you show us the ad?

  • Meleah


    and THAT is why you are MY MENTOR on so many levels. I fucking LOVE you.


    Yeah she is!


    Aww… Thank you darling! 🙂


    I am BLOWN away by the help from ‘the blog’ I cant even…I am so blessed.


    Id love to. But I am not even allowed to write about work. The last time I mentioned the name of my office I was ALMOST fired. In fact I was supposed to delete my whole blog. I would LOVE tp post the final product, but its not worth getting FIRED over it! (sorry!) my hands are tied on that one! xxoo

  • Ah, I so wish I have a friend like Leslie too!

  • Glad you got through it. I didn’t doubt you for one second. I knew you could do it. Hope you got enough rest cos you deserve it …

  • Meleah


    Everyone needs a Leslie in their life.


    aww.. Thanks dood.

    And…. just a note to keep for MYSELF (to share with ya’ll) here is the email I received from the MAGAZINE people:


    You did a great job describing what you would like as well as sending me enough material to work with. I wonder if you Boss knows what an efficient gal he has working for him. Fabulous job!!

    Thank you for your ad copy. I will process this to the design department and if there are any issues, I will be contacting you as soon as I am aware of them. If there are no issues, you can expect to see a proof within 4-6 weeks.



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