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I feel mildly better today

I feel mildly better today, even sifted through and read some of my favorite blogs, and worked on a few accounts for my father from home. I ate a (singlular) MelbaToast cracker, in hopes of being able to digest again, and soon. I love food, I miss food.

I think I will attempt to go to work tomorrow too? As long as the cracker I ate doesn’t make me WANT TO DIE again.

As for the rest of the day, Since, I already finished reading, Running with Scissors (crazy book, funny, sickening, alarming- I read all 400 pages in a day and a half) I will now be reading a book suggested by my big sister called Towel Head supposed to be REALLY good, as well.

My BFF also brought me a Jennifer Weiner book (of whom I am a FAN of) Little Earth Quakes

So, since I am stuck in my house, sick as can be, and frail from starvation, at least I can feed my head…

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Merleah.. I havent seen you online for awhile so I thought I would check this to make sure that you are still alive.. I am sorry to see that you are not feeling well.. Listen, call me if you ever need anything and feel better! Rodger

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