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I Can Haz The Flu


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  • Thanks, Jen! I’m slowly on the mend.

  • xoxox

  • Ugh, I hate allergies! And snot!

  • Boo!!! Phi and I are both suffering horribly from the allergies if that makes you feel a little better. ((hugs))

  • Oh no! Well, I hope the two of you feel better soon! xoxo

  • Beverly Steeves

    hello meleah, i’m bev from black ink paperie. congratulations on you shine award from annie. i hope you get through this flu quickly and without any complications. i just read your post “the reason why i’m the queen of tmi” god, what a shitty shovel you’ve been given. keep your teats up. i’ll be back to read more.

  • Hey, Bev.
    Nice to meet you.

    I think I won the Auto-Immune-Problems Jack Pot over here.


  • Roshan Menon

    I haz the flu now. Well bad cold, phlegm infection, cough and sore throat. Started Wednesday night. Went to the office on Thursday and came back early. Been in bed resting ever since. I think I am getting better now.

  • I hate being sick. And I cannot seem to get better. SOFA KING annoying.

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