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I called GI doctors office 2 times, left 2 message…

I called GI doctors office 2 times, left 2 messages, finally doctor called back with my answers to following questions:

1.What is WRONG with me?

ANSWER: IBS or CROHNS the biopsy results will determine which one I have

2.Is there a diagnosis?

ANSWER: We will know when biopsy results are in next week

3.What is the SBS test? When? Where? And why do I need that?

ANSWER: special series of X-RAYS to look further above inside my GI tract that the colonoscopy can’t see, call Centra State Medical Hospital and set up appointment before my visit on Oct 19th so he can review the x-rays and biopsy, together, with me that day

4.If I eat and have PAIN, what CAN I take to make the pain go away?

ANSWER: Librax and Aciphex will prevent pain from starting / take medication before I eat

5.Did you take a biopsy? When will those results be in?

ANSWER: yes yes yes, Thursday October 19th

6.I am already ON anti-anxiety medication Xanax, why did you prescribe more? Do I need Librax as another anti anxiety medication? and why do I have to take it 3xs a day? Can I take both medications together? Won’t I be all doped up? They are both heavy duty NARCOTICS, I am a recovering drug addict, isn’t there something else I can take?

ANSWER: No, you need the Librax to stop the spasms in your intestines, and any stress increases spasms, which increases your pain. Anti anxiety helps stop stress, and stops the spasms, and the second medication will stop other symptoms of intestines

7.When is my next office visit?
ANSWER: Thursday, October 19th at 11:45am


I did some “Self research” on all the medications I am taking / supposed to take:

1. Minocycline (for my skin)- 100mg/1pill
2. Zoloft (for my depression)-100mg/1pill
3. Xanax (for anxiety/stress)- .02mg/1pill

Those are what I have been talking for the last few years (the xanax is just been over the last six months because of the financial stress I have been under)

4.Aciphex (for heartburn) – 20mg/1pill
5.Librax (for anxiety?)- 20mg/ 3pills

*total pills per day= 7

Upon further internet research on the medication LIBRAX I found THIS

There are TWO key ingredients in LIBRAX


But I am A LITTLE concerned about THIS and I am PRETTY MUCH scared by THIS

The only thing that makes me feel better is the SECOND ingredient / medication / usage in the LIBRAX.

I feel better having TALKED to GI DOCTOR this morning, he told me to stop taking Xanax while on Librax, until we get everything under control.

Let’s HOPE its IBS and NOT Crohns!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Get a new doctor IMMEDIATELY. I am not fucking around. Aside from the fact
    that he did not perform the Celiac’s test (which symptoms are EXACTLY like
    IBS and Crohns and Colitis – all symptoms of all four are same) you asked
    him to (hello? YOU are the patient PAYING him, doesn’t matter if you are a
    doctor, he needs to listen to you!), which is a Red Flag to me. He also did
    not listen to you tell him you have anti-dipressant already, or go over any
    possible side effects of taking two, etc when you were completely awake.
    alarm bells ringing.

    Call his office, go in person and get your medical file (your complete file,
    you are allowed to do this by law), get online and research another doctor
    with a good rep who will pay attention to you instead of treating you like a
    number and who will test for EVERYTHING, IBS, Celiac’s, Crohn’s, Colitis,
    etc. (well, he’ll have your crohn’s test in your file, so no more of that,
    but he/she would test for other stuff). there is no need to feel bad or
    offer explanations to him, just take care of yourself and go see someone who
    has your best interest at heart.

    What a dick.

  • meleah rebeccah

    family: friends:

    this is everything thats happened, (lAST TWO DAYS)
    and drs visit, intead of saying /talking / repeating
    typing the same thing OVER n OVER to ya’ll, please
    just GO HERE and READ it, because its too much to
    say, talk, email, IM… i need ADVICE, and help… I
    am more confused than ever now?

    does my doctor an ass? or is it me?

  • Anonymous

    Honestly…I have no advice when it comes to the
    question, “Does my doctor an ass?” There just aren’t
    enough words to make sense of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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