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I Am Really Busy

Do yourself a favor, go read HER (About Every Little Thing) and HIM (Gorilla Sushi). Thank me later.

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  • Hey, thanks! It’s like Lis and I are whores and you’re our pimp and you’re all like “B*tch, where’s my money?” and we’re all like “Tito, business is slow. We need more time!”

  • Meleah

    Jason: ha ha ha! I had to “pimp your sites” I think you guys are great bloggers…. (but keep your money!)

  • Lis

    Yeah boy, now I feel compelled to put on some kind of Super Bowl half time show to entertain your guests. Don’t worry, I won’t be showing any boobs. I can’t say the same for Jason though.

  • Meleah

    LIS: You’re already a super bowl party!

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