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I Am In.

It’s official. I am even 99% unpacked. Whee!!

The Move is O-V-E-R.

While I’d love to write something funny, I am just too damn tired to be that creative right now. So, I will just give you a shorthanded UPDATE.

Everyone worked really hard to make the best of this stressful situation. We all did such a great job that no one had a free hand to take any pictures.

[insert *tears* for not digitally capturing moments in time….although I don’t really need a photograph to remember how painful the 4 flights of stairs, or the 987256780885391784167209456.5 trips down those 4 fucking flights of stairs.]

Instead, my whole family and I, helped the ‘Professional Movers’ knock out the job in three hours. Three Hours.

Well…almost three hours.

On Saturday, we moved everything. Except for the Kitchen. I don’t use a kitchen; I don’t know anything about kitchens, unless it involves cleaning. I was clueless as to how to pack a kitchen, or move a kitchen.

Of course… those Three Hours also did not include any of the unpacking, folding, putting away, re-arranging, or decorating. Or any of the wiring required to: hook up, lamps, power strips, two TV’s, two cable boxes, two computers and 7 billion gaming systems. No. That took two days.

I have to say, I was really impressed with my son. During this whole transition, he has been phenomenal. JCH helped, cleaned, unpacked, carried boxes and bags, smiled, laughed and never ever argued. Not.Even.Once. (He did better than me). Although, I am happy to announce that there were no fights, no drama, and none of the expected hysteria occurred. I did have a moment, or two, or ten, when I was confused by my feelings. I was sad for the loss, and relived for it to be over. But, for the first time in my life…I never lost control of myself, my reaction, or my emotions. That in itself was a friggen miracle.

Now I am still trying to get acclimated to such small space. And the fact that my room is so hot, it feels exactly like living….on the SUN. However, I love love love love my little writing nook.

(This is where I will be spending most of my time anyway.)

AND! I am even ‘allowed’ to smoke in my room! Yippee! Thank you Mom & Dad.

Over all, I am really, truly, very, happy with my new living quarters. Its simple, its clean, its purple, and I have all my absolutely favorite things with me. I am especially thankful to have such a great family. Speaking of which, I am not LONLEY anymore!! I thought it would be hard to adjust from being ALONE, to surrounded by so many people, but actually, its been delightful to have dinner together, watch some TV together and laugh together. And when I want To Be Alone…I have my purplesanctuary.

The ONLY thing I am NOT really a fan of…is my new ‘bathroom’.

Yeah. Um. I don’t exactly have a bathroom. Yes, there are two and half bathrooms in this house. Two full bathrooms upstairs, with a half bath down stairs. But, this is basically how the bathroom ‘situation’ has been worked out:

The First Bathroom. (The Boys Bathroom for JCH & Poppa Sye. (complete with monogramed towels)It is also the closest to my bedroom. I will have to use this one for: flushing cigarette butts wrapped in baby wipes, brushing my teeth & washing my face when I wake up before anyone else. And, in the middle of the night if “I gotta go. gotta go. gotta go right now.” when my parents are sleeping, or yanno…whatever else it is they “do” behind closed doors.)

TheMasterBathroom. (My Parents Bathroom. Where I will be taking my morning showers. I think? And don’t think for a second, that when my parents ‘go away’ for weekends I wont be using this.)

The Half Bathroom. (Well, that’s for all of us, except for when and if I have one of my crohn’s attacks.)

And then. There is My “Bathroom.”

I have THIS for my toiletries, and THIS SPOT, is where I will be applying make-up, doing my hair and all the other things one does to prepare to face society.

While I am used to having THISBathroom all to myself…it is definitely going to take some time, to get comfortable, “getting ready” in my bedroom.

I do feel just a teeny tiny awkward with no ‘home plate’ (for lack of a better term) when it comes to the much needed privacy of a personal bathroom. But, like everything else, I am positive with time, and discovering new ways to contort my body inside of a 1 x 1 sized corner while blow drying & setting my hair in hot rollers, will work out just fine?

Oh, yeah…just one more thing. Have ya’ll ever wondered just where I got my O.C.D. from? Where I obtained the need to be totally organized? Or how I learned how to make my famous to-do lists? Ah yes, the secret revealed. I learned some of these traits from my mother.

God bless her. I love her. She is THE strongest woman I know. She maybe a little over zealous at times, nonetheless quite effective. Now that there are 5 people living under one roof, my mother has taken the initiative to assign some of the daily chores. This is your standard, structured, comprehensive, chart in order to determine who’s responsible for what. While these ‘chores-duties-obligations-responsibilities-jobs’ are not etched in stone, they are laminated, color coordinated, and hanging on the fridge (right next to my 3 page list of food allergies).


* I have to hand it to my mother. She may have her quirky way of doing things…but NO ONEsingle handedlypacksa kitchenlike her!

On that note, I will leave you for today.

Things are DONE. Things are GOOD.

Now…I have to go and get ready for work (for the first time in my corner). Let’s just see how that goes!

PS… And hey…I may not have a bathroom, but at least now I can afford to buy some new shoes. Real shoes. Maybe even GIRL shoes. Like Heels! These are ones I have been wearing to work every day for a year. (yes they are my sons old dress shoes.)

* The Full “Set” of photos taken for the I AM IN post*

We have a NEW Chore List. And I don’t have to do laundry on Friday Nights anymore! Yippee. List is here = jobs.xls]

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  • jodi

    Is your Mom for hire? 😀
    OOO and I love the nook! I am glad you gave yourself a pat on the back and RECOGNIZING the change, the difference! That is also huge Meleah. Way to go! Now when you all available? We are hoping to move soon…(blechh!)

    Anyhoo! Go get some rest…I am smiling at just the overall calm…(I tried to send you much in meditation)


  • Good luck “wiping surfaces” and “swishing toilet”. 😛

  • Meleah


    Thanks sweety. I love the nook too. I wish I was there right now instead of in the office. I am in so much pain, I feel like I haven’t had a SINGLE days rest / off in weeks. I’m ready to collapse.

    Everything has been going really well. Until….this morning. Today was a ROUGH one. 4 people trying to get ready in 2 bathrooms. Then, my father thought he was having a heart attack, my mother was scared to death, I cant move…the POURING rain. UGH

    I think we all should have STAYED home and slept.


    Yeah, I am not exactly looking forward to that either, but… I gotta do what I gotta do…right?

  • I’m glad to hear you are all settled in. I hope your purple sanctuary can give you the peace you need to focus on yourself!

  • FV


    I see you have to house “duties” kudos’ to you! Picking up food at foodtown?? and laundry on Fridays! awesome huh?
    well at least you are home safe and sound. A new beginning starts NOW!



  • oh how i wish you could come over here and smack my house into submission the way you did your little corner of the world… i haven’t a clue on decorating,, and my house always looks like a garage sale!!!!!

  • Meleah


    Yeah right, so much for dating again, since Ill have to stay home Friday nights to wash my clothes! HA HA…Im sure I can switch days with someone.


    Im glad you like MY LITTLE CORNER. I always hear about YOUR LITTLE CORNER. Id love to decorate it for you!! xxoo

    Mrs. Schmitty

    Thank You. 🙂

  • First, Congrats on getting through the move smoothly. Second, I LOVE your room. The color is fantastic and your “nook” looks relaxing, peaceful, and ready for your creative mind to write! I am a huge list writer. Always have been. Especially in the restaurant biz, it always helped to make sure all bases were covered. I thought my lists were pretty good…..until I saw your Mothers!! Mine PALE in comparison and I am in awe and envy of your Mothers skills. I am very impressed! And yes, you need to switch laundry night from Friday…..a girl need to get out occasionally right! As for your 1×1 space to get ready in, that’s what I had growing up…..4 people and 1 bathroom. To make life easier I had a hanging thing with pockets I kept there, with all getting ready essentails right at my finger tips. I’m so glad your in, and all seems to be good!! No loneliness and this will be great for you son also. OOHHH Shoe shopping!!! I could spend hours……have fun with it! Here’s a BIG hug for surviving the weekend!!

  • You know what your awesome cool writing nook needs? That’s right, a LEG LAMP!!!
    Congrats on getting through the move 😉

  • Looks lovely. Congratulations!

    And…yes, you need new shoes.

  • Meleah

    Chef Mom:

    Thank you. I love it too. My mom is hilarious. I am sooo switching laundry nights. The bathroom situation is just going to take time to adjust to!! 🙂 Im just glad its OVER and DONE with.


    Damn Straight!! Right in the corner! Thank you. xxoo


    Thanks…and HELL YES I need shoes!!

  • Aw, I’m so proud of you. And the nook looks awesome!!!

  • Welcome home.

  • The best friend


  • If you read my latest post, you’ll that clearly we should combing aggravations and then start a crime wave!!!

  • I had all these kudos and hugs and questions for you. then I saw that you can order shit online at your grocery store and go pick it up all nice and bagged on your way home and became consumed by jealousy.

  • Meleah


    Thank you


    Thank you


    Thanks Doll.


    HA HA


    Yeah…it will be really fun for me to pick up all the food I can’t eat. Like its NOT hard enough to watch everyone EAT in front of my face…now I have to deliver, unpack, and handle, and drool over everything I am allergic too. YEAY!

  • Kitchens have a medium size rectangle. Look around. You put food inside. You press some buttons. Food comes out. That’s all you need to know.

    Hmm… we haven’t finished unpacking since three moves ago (2001).

  • Congrats Meleah! You did it! Hopefully all smooth sailing from here 🙂

  • Meleah

    People In The Sun:

    Still NOT unpacked? That would drive me CRAZY.


    Thanks sweety. I am glad its OVER and I am done. Now, if I could just get some SLEEP… things would be great

  • me.olly


  • FV

    So what’s for dinner tonight???



  • I love your writing nook and the purple, oh the purple – my favourite colour ever! I am so glad things went well and so thankful your family are there for you. When I saw the photo of your shoes it really moved me because I know you wore those shoes for a year so you could afford to pay the rent and buy things for your son. Wishing you lots and lots of happy days in your new home!

  • I am so happy for you. It is so nice to know that you are smiling 🙂 Your photographs on flickr are amazing. Your mum is a “dream mum”, you are so fortunate to be in such a loving family. Now, about your new room…. Wow!, it is spectacular – the colours are heavenly and that nook is simply perfect. Quite frankly, I am a little envious. I am pleased that the move went smoothly (I can finally uncross my fingers, arms, legs and eyes…lol!). I totally understand what you mean about eating with the family. I am single at the moment and spend my evenings eating alone in an empty house 🙁 However, I always visit my parents each Sunday for a traditional roast dinner. Every Sunday is full of laughter, chat and kindness. Meleah, I am so pleased that things are working out well for you.

    Take Care and big hugs from me!!!!

  • Meleah


    Hellz Yeah.

    I might even be able to use the phone and talk to you like a real person soon.


    Pork Chops & Apple Sauce…like the Brady Bunch!!


    I know!! This PURPLE is the best.

    I love my little writing spot. Its so full of light and very INVITING. How can I not write HERE!

    (and yes…I wore those shoes so that I could take care of my son… I may be getting NEW shoes soon…but I will save those forever.)


    Yes. I really am lucky to have an amazing family.

    I ate dinner ALONE every night for years…being single SUCKS. My heart truly goes out to you on that level.

    I love love love my flickr pictures. There are so many, but with this new camera I cant seem to stop. The images, clarity and colors really come through.

    You can uncross all the parts of your body now! I am IN and I am HAPPY!

    Yes. My mom is awesome…(a little controlling, but so am I…so it all works out in the end.)

    Aw…dont be envious…just buy purple paint!!

    Keep having those Sunday dinners with your family.

  • cmk

    It has been my fondest wish for my ENTIRE life to live in a house with more than one bathroom. It hasn’t happened yet. 🙂 Right now, our bathroom is so small that you have to leave just to change your mind…ba-da-bum!!! (that was supposed to be a rim shot, in case you couldn’t tell) AND we have NO electrical outlets in the room–SO much fun. I keep my electric toothbrush and razor charging in the sewing room. I have to dry my hair in our bedroom. Given enough time, you can get used to anything. 😀

  • I am so glad for you that this is over, Meleah. What a hard thing to go thru. I know there will be many adjustments to come, but you certainly have a great attitude about it! There IS much to be said for family and being at home! I love your purple space!

  • Moves take a lot out of person, but the pictures look beeeyootiful, I must say! I remember back during my elem/middle school years when my family moved states approx. every 1.5 years. Seriously helped with putting a lid on accumulating clutter. But now, we’ve lived in one place for the past 8 years…yikes!

  • Wow, what a nice comfy looking room. Thanks for the tour with the pictures. If you didn’t move back in, I would have.

    Your parent’s place rocks! 🙂

  • Meleah


    Getting READY in my bedroom is taking time to get used to… i also have to blow dry in my bedroom….However…THIS MORNING was WAY better than yesterday…For Real.

    I will even be ON TIME for work today! (shocking!)


    Aww.. Thanks. I love my purple space too.


    This moved KICKED MY ASS….Thank you! I wish I lived in one place for 8 years. I have moved 9 times in the last 11 years…Im done moving. (for now)


    Thanks. Yeah, My parents house does rock…its beautiful. Like living INSIDE of a Pottery Barn catalog!

  • yo momma

    well, i’m VERY glad to read that being home is less lonely for you. that made me very happy. i’m also glad to see that people don’t think i’m crazy b/c i need to organize the running of the household. i do want to acknowledge uncle rick for picking that color for HIS bedroom when he lived ‘on the mountain with the lake’ some eight years ago and giving us the idea to use that same gorgeous color to paint what was then to be the child JCH room. (does that qualify as one of the longest run-on sentences in blogsville??) i also want to brag to the world about how absolutely easy the move was (except of course for the physical labor). truly, i am extraordinarily proud of you and justin for being so together and stable throughout the process. and finally, i am blessed at long last to say and mean these words, ‘welcome home, sweet pea. it’s good to have you home again.’ oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Meleah


    You just made me CRY.

    It is so very much less lonely! It’s GREAT.

    You are not CRAZY. You are just Organized.

    I didn’t know RICK picked that color! I will have to THANK him when I see him on xmas eve.

    Yes, THAT was the longest -run-on sentence in bloggsville.

    Aww… I am also very AMAZED with how easy , smooth, and nicely The Move went. (of course I was not a FAN of the labor involved either.)

    Thank you for welcoming me HOME. Its nice to finally BE HOME.

    xxoo xxoo xxoo xxoo xxooo

    (Great…. I am still all teary…..)

  • Wow the to-do list is awesome!!! I downloaded it and will be using it as a reference 🙂
    And glad that you’ve settled in, oh the images look so cozy, you know, very homely 🙂

  • Yay! I’m so happy this is over for you and that you have found some pleasure in your circumstances. I remember how sad you were when you realized it had to come to this so it’s great to see that you are in a good place. Hope your week is awesome.

  • I am so happy you are finally IN! And I hope you find some real kick-ass shoes! 🙂 Post photos?..of COURSE!!!

  • Meleah


    Ha ha…no you did not! You downloaded the list! Thats awesome! Im happy to be home!


    Yes, much to my surprise I AM really happy.


    I am SOO posting my 1st new pair of shoes, and socks and all my ‘presents’ to ME!

  • I covet your macbook.

  • Meleah

    HEY!! JV!!

    Yeah, My MacBook is AWESOME…and it was not THAT expensive.

  • jodi

    okay your mom made me cry!

  • Meleah

    Oh I know! Please! I was crying at my damned desk today! My mom has that affect on people.

  • So glad to see the move is BEHIND you and your moving FORWARD!!!!


  • Meleah


    your back! wheee.

  • FV

    Kudos to Meleah’s mom.

    Welcome home Mel, you are going to be okay!

    I think you should have a welcome home party and invite all of us haha!

    And I’m not doing dishes! 😛

  • Glad you’re all settled in an comfy 😀 Now you can get back to some serious blogging … LOL! Btw, if you do decide to have a party like FV’s suggestion, don’t forget my invitation … LOL!

  • Meleah


    Yes. I think I will be better than OKAY. (dishes are my job…see the list!)


    Well, my parents DID say I could have a New Years EV party since they will be AWAY…. hmmmm…… I just might invite ya’ll!

  • I am back!!! Your comment reminded me…

    What does a snail say riding a turtles back?


  • Meleah

    I am SOOOO HAPPY you are back! Yipppp eeeeeee

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